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One Laptop Per Child

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QUOTE (hooovahh @ Apr 3 2008, 06:00 PM)

That reminds me...


I still cannot fathom WHY someone would actually go through the trouble of installing XP on something which is superiour without it.....

As to the Iphone. Well. If you like your life being DRM'd by Steve Jobs then more power to you.

I'm getting an Eee soon, and I certainly will NOT be putting XP on it.


PS I would have bought an OLPC, but they don't ship outside the US.

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QUOTE (hooovahh @ Apr 4 2008, 03:51 PM)

I didn't say it was better, I just think its interesting. The "because I can" factor is interesting enough. How functional XP would be?...not so much.

I'd love to have those days back where I could afford the "because I can" time it takes to do things like these.

But somehow, spending the day doing useful things has it's rewards too.....


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