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Please give your opinion of this audiophile equipment


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"Brilliant Pebbles have made a bigger improvement in sound quality than the last $1000.00 interconnect cables I purchased. Thanks!"

*Choke*....*ack!*....did he really say $1000 cables??

But wait...look what happens when I use them in LabVIEW!!:


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QUOTE (orko @ Apr 21 2008, 02:33 PM)

*Choke*....*ack!*....did he really say $1000 cables??

I had a salesman in a stereo store (remember those?) try to sell me very expensive speaker cables because my new amp needed "every available electron" to carry the power to the speakers. Yep. One or two missing electrons will cause Miles Davis' trumpet to sound like a kazoo. Miss an electron you might miss a beat. Miss an electron and your singer starts dropping syllables ...

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QUOTE (jpdrolet @ Apr 21 2008, 03:39 PM)

They were yummy! Thanks!

PS. My whole entertainment center doesn't cost more than a 3 foot chunk, for cryin out loud! :o

PPS. Where are all of these people that can afford these cables, and why are they not sharing with the rest of us??

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QUOTE (richlega @ Apr 21 2008, 06:18 PM)

This equipment is geared toward audiophiles...

Brilliant Pebbles

What do you think of this?

What about their other products??

* First buy verry good speekers (Swiss Made) http://www.piega.ch/

(I have a pair of them quite expensive, first class finish and brilliant sound)

=> Good Speekers- this makes aprox. 85% of the sound

* Buy a good System (another 10%)

* Use good cables (another 5%)

(Pear cabels are always good, if you have to much money you can also use Bi-Wiring)

So by using just verry good speakers you reach 85%...

The rest is just luxury...

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