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  1. Ok. The next time you have to deal with Mr. D, Mr. D's wife, or your boss, ask yourself "what would Chuck Norris do or say?". Then do, or say that.
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  2. Name: Interface Framework Submitter: Daklu Submitted: 19 Oct 2009 File Updated: 24 Apr 2011 Category: LabVIEW OOP LabVIEW Version: 2009 License Type: BSD (Most common) Interface Framework v1.0.0 Copyright © 2009, Dave Snyder All rights reserved. Author: Dave Snyder LAVA Name: Daklu Contact Info: Contact via PM on lavag.org LabVIEW Versions: 2009 Dependencies: JKI's VI Tester is required if you want to execute the unit tests. Description: In object oriented programming, often a designer needs a class to include the behavior of two or more unrelated classes. Traditionally pro
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  3. I thought about something similar a while back (in a different langauge with a compiler). I don't think you really need batch files and projects, you can do just fine with a "clone" vi. A slight modification to your premis means that you can "grow" more and more complex "creatrures" and see evolution (in theory at least). Rather than "spawn" the children and hope that one of them may survive, you can use your DNA program (Prime Mover?) to create a vi that has the DNA code + 1 random function. It continues to do that UNTIL something compiles and runs. Now you have DNA and DNA+1 in the primeor
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