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    Hi Max, The actual bug, I think, was that “Step.vi” was ignoring errors outside of 1..99. It has a case structure that only passes those codes to the error-handling subVI (written, originally, because 100 and 101 are not errors). I have changed it so that the extended error codes are now passed (see version 1.7.3 just added to the LAVA CR). I tested it by making a foreign key error and it now works.
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    Hello! In my project I created couple of tables with foreign keys. I enabled them using "PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON;". Foreign key constraints work when I try to add a row containing non-existent parent element, such query simply gets ignored without reporting an error. It makes it difficult to debug which query failed and why. After doing some research on why it happens, I found that foreign key constraint errors are part of "Extended Result Codes", (don't confuse with "Extended Error Codes"). By default "Extended Result Codes" are disabled as written here: Enable Or Disable Extended Result Codes In order to enable extended result codes the following function has to be called on the database handle: int sqlite3_extended_result_codes(sqlite3*, int onoff); Unfortunately I couldn't find an accessor method to get the database handle, so I had to modify your class and add additional method to it which enables the "Extended Result Codes". It is not the best solution and makes it difficult to share the code between machines. Is there a way to enable extended result codes without modifying the SQLite library source? SQLite is a great library, thank you James for it! Max

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