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    SVN with TortoiseSVN for commercial projects. Git with TortoiseGit for other projects. The more I use it, the more I like it - especially for things like local commits. I can commit "in-progress" code without worrying of breaking someone else's arrows
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    Update: I can't take credit for this one, as it was recommended to me. Here's a solution that I believe would work for those wanting a quick and dirty xml solution. Create a class, add the task to the class private data, and dump the class to xml. If you do this with just the task you get a nondescript task header, if you do it with a class you get the full task. Not really sure why this is the case. Perhaps there is someone with more knowledge of the XML parser who could shed some light on this.
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    Personally I think this is a good idea, and NI already is doing something similar by tagging NXG posts so they can be identified. I do think there are some issues with making a new subforum. One is if we do make an NXG subforum, then what happens when it isn't called NXG anymore? I've heard that some day NI will just call it "LabVIEW" and the LabVIEW we all know and love might be called something else, like "Classic LabVIEW". But then again that might not be for many years until NXG has functional parity with LabVIEW. There are also going to be times when a subject is about NXG and Object Oriented Programming, which subforum should it go into? Now we'd say NXG, but in a few years would it make more sense to put it in OO? Anyway I'll talk to some admins and see if we can agree on something.
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    OK, I got piping/redirection to work. The key was some code/info posted on this C# thread. There are a couple more kernel32 dll calls now, so it's even farther from pure .NET. However, it works pretty good, both from console and System Exec. Next up: Develop similar method to allow a LabVIEW program to accept input from StdIn. -Scott Write Std Out with Redirection.vi

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