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    BBQ Photos Courtesy of RightBalancePhotoG available at RBPG, FB and LAVAg.org https://rightbalancephotog.smugmug.com/LAVA-BBQ-2018/
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    That sounds like a perfect task for visualization tool like e.g. grafana: https://grafana.com/ Though if you insist on using LV for that, I'd recommend you to import all different data using "Read Delimited Spreadsheet VI" http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361P-01/glang/read_delimited_spreadsheet/. Then you should merge the data together into one-format array. Having all the information in one array will allow you to perform whole variety of analysis.
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    Help us help you. Please provide details on what kind of help you want: Do you want us to: Give you some ideas on how to start? Or review code that you've already written? Or write the code for you? Also, please provide details on how much LabVIEW experience you have and how much general programming experience you have.

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