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  1. Great article, thanks! And a pretty cool way to explain things in LV terms OK, here the detailed explanation as promised: You can find a very simple example in the ZIP file attached to my first post, GZipStream.Example.vi . There's a file Hello.txt, if you run GZipStream.Example.vi you'll get the compressed file Hello.txt.gz . To decompress it, activate the other frame of the diagram disable structure and run it. The output will be Hello2.txt . There's not much to say about this example VI, the code consists of just .NET invoke nodes and properties. The code of Crea
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  2. So I have this bug report that AppBuilder fails to build this one particular app whenever the "remove polyVIs and typedefs" option is enabled. The top-level VI breaks during the build. I try some of our usual debug approaches and don't find anything, so I hack up AppBuilder a bit so that when I get to the end of the build, I can open up the broken VIs and see what they look like. And I see this: Where the heck have all the class methods gone? They're in memory at the start, missing at the end. That shouldn't happen! So I set up a trap to detect when the VIs go missing. I'm work
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  3. Thanks for reminding me. I just tested it and yes the TDM Importer Version (as reported in Excel) now imports my TDMS files without crashing. That was a major pain because I'd uninstall TDM 18.0.0, reinstall TDM 17.x, but in the uninstall some other dependencies were removed which then needed to be reinstalled...which by default installed 18.0.0 again. Oh and it looks like the download page to this add-on was updated yesterday to the new version too. Other fixes in SP1 I've heard are related to VIMs but am unaware of the details.
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  4. I had a hard time downloading this, but it could be an IT issue on my side. The download would stall, and I'd pause, then resume to get it going again. After installing with default settings, I launched it and got an error "error unable to open resource files". I'll be performing a full uninstall and reinstall. It could be an issue on my end or an issue with the release. I probably should have tested this in a VM first... EDIT: Uninstall and Reinstall fixed it, not sure if that means there is an issue with upgrade or just me.
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