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    As a developer working on multiple machines, I'd like to be able to save a (personal) configuration file of "IDE-improvement" style packages to install on every machine.
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    I've exported the OpenG sources from Sourceforge SVN to Github. It's located here: https://github.com/Open-G I'm hoping this will encourage collaboration and modernization of the OpenG project. Pull requests are a thing with Git, so contributions can be encouraged and actually used instead of dying on the vine.
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    I looked at it briefly a while ago and came to the conclusion that it is really a stateful HTTP protocol framework. The underlying cryptographics are very simple (in 2.0) but there are a lot of HTTP states that are different for each method (6 methods in total with varying privlieges, IIRC). So you have to identify which method is being used then have an application go through the the appropriate HTTP process with various redirects. This means that a complete LabVIEW library could be quite unweildy and confusing rather than just using basic HTTP GET/POST in an application to achieve the one instance you are interested in-especially as you may have to use another 3rd party JSON library for responses as the NI one is useless. It's not difficult to create the HTTP messages, it's just the process logic is cumbersome. You can get away with a couple of HTTP POSTS and string stripping if you want quick and dirty but for proper and secure, you need the full stateful operation.
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    As a developer using open source code, I want to be able to inspect and run the unit tests/verification steps etc that were used to prove the code works as intended before release.
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    As a user with a CI-system based on building my packages, I want to be able to programmatically update the package version on GCentral (or notify of a new package, or however this might work). This might involve something like a POST request.

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