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  1. There are multiple considerations: Public IP address: Your mobile carrier (or Internet service provider) assigns you a public IP address. STATIC public IP address: Be aware that this is an increasingly rare commodity. I don't know which country you live in, but I'd be very surprised if your consumer mobile carrier provides static public IP addresses anymore. You might find a commercial/enterprise provider that still sells static IP addresses, or you can use a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service like https://www.noip.com/ -- DDNS allows you to connect to an address like neilpate.ddns.
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  2. I have a XY graph to display the trend of temperature over time. I am making the plot legend scrollbar visible based on number of plots I have. If I enabled it using the property node, I am not able to click on the scroll bar and move it. But I am able to use the mouse wheel to scroll. Please help me why this is happening. As a workaround, I made the legend scroll bar visible from the right click option on the graph and saved it. And I am not changing the visibility through property node and this works fine. Temp plot testing.vi
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  3. If you can't get a dedicated IP address, one thing you can do is have your software query the outside world and find out what its public IP address is, and then update some location that you can get access to. This is essentially dynamic DNS. I have a domain I registered and have a website that I host. I have the computer that serves the web page update its own DNS every couple of hours because my IP address may change. Another option might be to do something like write a text file to Dropbox. Then when you want to connect to it read the dropbox file and that will tell you the public IP.
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