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  1. I think the longer my relationship with NI carries on, the more the message seems to be that I'm not considered part of the direction NI is concentrating on at all. In a way, the new announcement is a bit like "this isn't designed for you, do you hear us loud and clear?"
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  2. I don't mind the new green on the landing page of ni.com, but elsewhere on the site the new theme is a bit too much. I wanted to fix the near invisible links that @LogMAN ran into, but got a bit carried away: If anyone is interested in using the blue style, you can download it from here. Be warned it's not perfect, there's still lots of green bits on mouse over etc, but I find overall it makes the site much more readable. If blue isn't your thing, the primary color can be changed by setting the root --forrest-green color to something else.
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  3. Certainly posting the VI might help. Short of that I've seen this issue when using this function a couple times, all of which were expected if I had stopped to think about it. The first is maybe your front panel has a minimum size set, and the decoration is less than that minimum. In this case you won't be allowed to make the window smaller, so it throws an error. I've also seen it do odd things when there are splitters and multiple panes on a UI, where it will try to scale the window to the largest decoration, but that decoration is only on one pane. I've also seen where there is a mi
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