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  1. I remember having to figure this out when generating tokens for the LabVIEW Cloud Toolkit for Azure. I remember that there was some weird stuff I had to figure out, but I've long since forgotten how I did it. On the bright side, the toolkit is open source, you can browse through the source code here to see how I did it.
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  2. And it is working! Thanks @Darren
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  3. It's a general tendency I have noticed on LabVIEW forums, although maybe less so on the NI forums. I also signed up at the German LabVIEW forum and while 5 or 6 years ago you had every day several new topics varying from the newbie question of how to do a simple file IO operation to the advanced topic of system architecture and interfacing to external code, nowadays it is maybe a tenth of that with most topics ranging in the more trivial category. The German forum had and has a somewhat broader target range since it was equally meant for beginners and advanced users while LAVA started by the n
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