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  1. That's a very common misconception. But it's actually not right. Service businesses definitely do not have 100% gross margin. "Cost of Sales" is a more accurate term than "Cost of Goods Sold" for a services business. But otherwise, it's the same calculation. Services businesses should be calculating gross margin by figuring out how much they pay an engineer directly for every hour that engineer bills. If you pay an engineer $50/hour, you'll need to bill him at $200/hour to get a 75% gross margin. And he's going to need to bill 40 hours every week. If he's not billing 40 hours every week,
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  2. This is basically this issue: https://bitbucket.org/drjdpowell/messenger-library/issues/32/clearer-way-to-pass-addresses-as-data-over Addresses are all based on communication methods, such as a Queue, that don't work across application boundaries. The TCP messengers get around this by replacing Reply addresses on messages with a special address that routes the reply back though the TCP connection. So all the local-only communication methods will work remotely, but only for addresses passed as Reply addresses. In your example, you are passing the address as data, not as the reply addre
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  3. Note: I am considering uping Messenger Library's base LabVIEW version from 2013 to 2017. This is to allow use adding actor templates that use JSONtext to do configuration, and to add VIMs to the palettes. None of my clients use LabVIEW earlier than 2017. Let me know if you use Messenger Library with LabVIEW earlier than 2017sp1 (sp1 fixed VIM bugs).
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