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  1. We have had some similar issues. In general we could get in touch within a few days of pestering, but occasionally we escalated to the (3rd Party) sales rep as well. Support has certainly taken a noticeable hit in the last couple years.
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  2. Historically support is something I've said NI and Microsoft both have been done well. Lately I'm having a harder time lately singing NI's praises for support. NI used to have all new hires work support first before going to other departments. This in general made support a bit green, and you'd need to escalate a couple of times before getting what you needed. My career started as a co-op and so being thrown into the deep end of the pool certainly helped me learn quickly. And I liked the idea of NI people all starting out having to quickly get familiar with NI's offerings, and being close to the customer issues. I suspect NI has gotten feedback over the years that this model for support didn't work well and I heard NI was changing this policy.
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