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  1. Since you're communicating with already existing devices, your work is much easier. Any CAN capable device can communicate via CANOpen. There's no magic there so to speak, CANOpen is a comm layer on top of good old CAN. anything you are okay and have on have will be fine.
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  2. I agree, and it does at times sound desperate. But also is this just how things are in the corporate world? Like do they really care how they are perceived if in the end they get what they want? They could offer more money, or they could just first do a marketing campaign. Relatively low risk, maybe it doesn't work out but I'm sure people who are in charge of these kinds of acquisitions have a playbook, that I'm unfamiliar with. It sorta feels like we are the kids in a divorce proceedings. Just going along with little or no influence on what happens to us. I hope weekday dad buys us a new DVD player.
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