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  1. When there are multiple panes on a front panel, the pane background image will return the image of the previous pane when empty. EDIT: CAR NUMBER 347359
  2. Done. Looks like it's been abused for close to 4 months. Since the site is not maintained anymore, I don't know if the admin can make the front page un-editable?
  3. Thinks LapDog should be on LVTN

  4. The native LabVIEW variant palette doesn't have a "Variant Constant". I personally find this one very useful.
  5. Small modification to AQ's VI... Get the Value from the control associated with the terminal. Indeed, the datatype is always "LabVIEW Object" in this case. Get Name of Class of Object From Terminal Reference.vi (LV2011)
  6. Congratulations Stephen and many thanks for your involvement in bringing OOP to LabVIEW. I can say that it changed a lot of things in my programming, all of them for the better. It's given me the opportunity to tackle problems in a whole new light and I feel I've improved both my pleasure and productivity while tackling them. I hope I can say the same again in 3-5 years.
  7. NI has a set of wifi DAQs. Easy to deploy, reliable, same coding as any other NI modules. http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/205686 If you don't have the budget for these nice modules, you could setup a bluetooth connection (115 200bps) to get enough bandwidth. http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardBluetooth You'll need to feed the microcontroller with your analog data which means you'll need to create a shield with 2x 16-bit analog ADC chips. But the rest is just sending your stream of bits over Bluetooth to your computer.
  8. As pointed out by Asbo, for an arbitrary length string array, you can't make it into a fixed-sized cluster.However, you could use variants to build a "Variant Cluster". If so, OpenG is your friend here. Furthermore, this works with any array type (see attached VI). ArbitraryArrayToCluster.vi (OpenG VIs needed -> VIPM)
  9. I couldn't find the old code. That was prior to me learning to use SCC ;-) Here's something equivalent to what you're looking for. It's in LV2009. Launch the test VI to get an idea of the functions. WinError_class.zip (LV 2009)
  10. I think it's not about the connector pane, but rather the small "ears" I added to the icon
  11. Unzip this file under the "LabVIEW Data\LAVA\Control Templates" directory and you'll get a Silver-looking template installed. Silver.zip Note that this button doesn't resize well, just like the other templates, because it creates a fixed-size image of all button states. I'll investigate how to programatically change decals, but that's not something you should expect soon. I have too many other things on my mind. You can also create your own templates and drop them in the same directory as stated above. SImply create three PNGs with the button backgrounds you wish and name them like the tem
  12. This seems to be the same problem than UI Tools: Control addon. I'll check this and post a new version in VIP file format soon. Stay tuned. New version uploaded with corrected namespacing for the JKI State Machine dependency. Please report if this doesn't solve the problem. Note that this package gets installed in the new LAVA palette...
  13. You can download previous versions in the CR. Links are on the right side of the page. http://screencast.com/t/p6K4XBous Quick link: http://lavag.org/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=download&do=version_download&id=196
  14. Hi Chris, Sorry for the late reply, I've been on vacation last week. This package is an opg file dating back to vipm 3. I had to deal with post-install and pre-uninstall VIs myself. I might have made a mistake in the code and there's a messing up during upgrading. When I downgraded to 1.0.15 in LV2010, I got the same problem you have. (missing jki files with uitools namespace) I downloaded 1.0.14 and downgraded it one more step and it worked. But I couldn't get version 1.0.15 or 1.1.0 working. It seems the error is also with the Bitman dependencies. I'll try and put up a package 1.2 in *.
  15. I'd find more natural to find this in the MD5 palette.
  16. Hi Bastian, just to make sure... this add-on doesn't give you access to Word and Excel reports without a purchased license from NI. It simply adds OpenOffice Writer to the list of choices in the Report Generation Palette. If you have a valid RGT for Word license and my add-on doesn't work in an executable, then it's something I'll investigate. There shouldn't be any links between the RGT for Word/Excel sold by NI and this piece of code, but the package does replace a single VI to select the right class (the one including ooWriter in the Enum). It has been done in LV2009, so perhaps somethin
  17. I played with exactly what you describe when the new LV2011 was launched. However, I decided to implement an event callback instead of reading results with the Asynchronous Call function. I used my Dynamic Dispatched method to make sure that all children clones received the event reference to notify the caller of the results. If you need the clones to send different data, make your event type be of a common ancestor to all these types and your caller can deal with each answer in a different way as it sees fit.
  18. That's a very old thread... I'm not sure I remember why I wrote my answer like that. Of course, you're right that it is not a viable solution to use code that could break later. I think I meant that if you make your package "version = 9.0", then you will not be able to install it on other LV versions using VIPM. In essence, you would not be able to update your code to a new version unless you get rid of all this package's VIs. That will prevent it from breaking in a future LabVIEW version because you cannot use it unless you copy it by yourself instead of using VIPM. But if you do so, you can
  19. Like Jon said. Of course, vip files are not editable using text editor due to checksum, but an opg file certainly would be updatable easily for newer versions... Not that I would do that: it would be faster to simply change the install requirements and repackage it as you suggest.
  20. I'm working on a system to implement biological detection protocols specifically for listeria separation, lysis, trapping, amplification and detection.
  21. The problem comes from your choice of inheritance hierarchy. Inheritance should always be a "Is A?" relationship. In your case here, multiplication is not an addition... so multiplication should not be the child of addition. They could both be children of a parent class named something like "Arithmetic operation". Addition is an arithmetic operation, multiplication is an arithmetic operation. Now it does not mean that you cannot perform an addition in one instance and a multiplication in another, but this should be implemented differently and never forced arbitrarily from the outside. Con
  22. Perhaps you can use the call chain to get the caller's reference and give it the focus back once your dialog is loaded. You'd most probably see a flicker in the screen though... Otherwise, there are probably some OS commands that you can call... but it's just a guess.
  23. You can also take a look at BitMan by vugie. It is downloadable with VIPM directly from the LabVIEW Tools Network.
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