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  1. I've tried a quick and simple example of ooCalc yesterday and it seems that AODL 1.3 is not fully compatible, at least with the latest version of Office 2016. I was able to create the ODS document and open it with Apache OpenOffice 4.1, but it was impossible to open it with MS Excel 2016 without errors. I could create and add pages, and insert cells in a row, but not in a self-resizable table, meaning that AODL does not support correctly the automated resizing of a table when you insert a cell in a random row/column (user needs to resize the collection of rows and columns in a given table).
  2. - Updated the repo with package build spec - Removed the dependencies on OpenG methods (package is now dependency-free) - Added an explicit constructor for ooWriter (no more pre-install/post-install to backup the NIreport factory) - New palette for ooDocuments (vi.lib/OpenOffice RGT addon) - version 0.2.0 (beta) - still no ooCalc. - released the LabVIEW library under BSD (instead of LGPL). LGPL is only the AODL libraries part of the package.
  3. Sorry, I abandoned this project a few years ago. I've uploaded the project to Bitbucket as a Git repo, if you feel like contributing or forking it for your project. I'll see to add the VI Package files shortly for easy install. https://bitbucket.org/normandinf/openofficergt
  4. Ah. I renamed a bunch of controls with duplaicated names and didn't reload my package build file after I fixed them. It must be linking to the previous name. I'll have a fix in a moment for both packages. Outlook package updated to
  5. Manu, let me know if this solves the dependency conflict: (v1.4) https://lavag.org/files/file/120-ui-tools-addon-control-class
  6. hmm. Looks like it was meant to remove previous releases of Control addon class but I might have forgotten to change the namespacing. This looks like a self-conflict. Can you let me know which version you are using? I don't have 2011 installed as your profile suggests, but I'll try to reproduce the issue on a newer version and come up with a new package or a solution.
  7. Vista Style: https://lavag.org/files/file/122-ui-tools-expansion-pack-vista-style/ Outlook Style: https://lavag.org/topic/11744-discuss-ui-tools-expansion-pack-outlook-style/?p=113783 hey, what can I say... it's past midnight.
  8. I should have done that a long time ago. Please follow this link.
  9. Sorry, this is long overdue... - Migrated to VIP file and moved the controls to vi.lib. - Removed dependencies on base package. - The controls will now be located under "User Controls" palette. Glassweb Style: https://lavag.org/files/file/124-ui-tools-expansion-pack-glassweb-style/ System Style: https://lavag.org/files/file/121-ui-tools-expansion-pack-system-style/ Outlook and Vista style packages to be updated tomorrow...
  10. Jimmy, that's a good find. However, it seems like it's not doing what it's supposed to...
  11. Hi Shoneill, Indeed, there would be a lot to do would we have an API for easily manipulating the controls properties as we can do from the editor. I've briefly looked into it but gave up for lack of time (and will) to reverse-engineer it. I wasn't able to quickly whip up the positioning of a decal programmatically, so I didn't go further with scalable graphics and all. Therefore, the Controls addon package still only replaces a non-scalable graphic (PNG) by another one created on the fly, "mimicking" a static decal of your choosing, so it is definitely not good for anything that resc
  12. New version uploaded. ( The previous one was reported to be broken. Since it is a version I did not intend to modify before I revisited the API and its integration with UI Tools base package on LVTN, I changed the package filename and moved all files into LabVIEW folder to where I intend the future package to be. This package is not using "system files" anymore, which was the cause of some problems when installing on x64 systems. This new version is a temporary version that I intend to revamp later on. However, I will do so as to not change the new template folder structure and
  13. I reproduced the bug. Issue is with "Write Scale Icon.vi" located under "<LabVIEW>user.lib_LavaCRUI Tools_Control_classProperties". In an earlier version, support for different True-False state images was added. The rescaling of the button image was not done for the even states (True). Quick fix: Add the True Decal scaling factor to the bundler of "Write Scale Icon.vi". This will be fixed in the next version.
  14. Hi Thols, sorry for missing your post, because of the spam bots, it was on my page 3 and missed it for a few days. This definitely comes from Control Class addon, not BitMan. Which version of the Control Class do you have installed? I assume it's
  15. The *.pdn files are the source files I used to create the .png's. You can open pdn files with PAINT.NET, which is my usual image editor.
  16. Hi Thols, I've just verified that it works on my system in LV2012 on Win8. I don't know why the control templates would be corrupted. Which versions of UI Tools and UI Tools addon: Control Class are you using? Before I make a new package, can you test this for me on your system and tell me if it solves it? In your User Document folder, please replace the content of your "LabVIEW DataLAVAControl Templates" folder with the content of this zip file: Control Templates.zip This will restore the controls to the default LV8.6 ctl files. If they have been corrupted, this should so
  17. I seem to have missed this post too. I am ashamed to admit that it's been more than 6 months since I've read anything on LAVA... I looked at the issue and there is a quick fix: one of the subVI needs a reference to its front panel to be kept opened to calculate a string length. This subVI has its panel loaded in memory at edit time, but the FP is stripped when compiled into an EXE. Therefore, the reference to front panel is invalid. In the meantime, here is the quick fix instructions: - Search for the VI named "Calculate Optimal Height__lava_lib_ui_tools.vi" located under "<LabVIEW
  18. Ah, indeed. I should probably make a new version of the expansion packs instead, which would install them in the vi.lib/addon directory. Expect the correction in the next version. thanks.
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