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  1. I agree with last two posts; needing also a "real" state machine, I have looked into the Statechart toolkit but not satisfied and quite expensive. Is there a template or an example of this, with JKI SM or something else?
  2. Got it here too. Strangest is that it happened twice. In the same week. I build the executable quite frequently (not continuous integration though) and never got it before. The project is quite big (700 VIs not counting vi.lib and OpenG), so finding the error was a pain since building Exe takes 10 mn. First time was solved by replacing a subVI (which was just updating a cluster) by its code and deleting the subVI. Second time (happening on a simple VI with a global variable) was solved by unchecking "disconnect typedefs" and "remove polymorphic VIs" I'm source-controlled so I can give the snapshots of my project when the bug happened, if NI guys want it for repro no problem. This problem needs to be fixed for real, it's giving pain to a lot of large projects, from what I saw on NI forums
  3. Hi, This package looks interesting, however not compatible with LV2010 (wires are broken when wiring the event). Best, Charles
  4. Thanks :thumbup: , that's what I wanted to do, but I couldn't find out how to change the key navigation of a button at runtime... Now I found However I don't find the event that tells me that the control has lost the focus? Thank for your help Hi Louis, This is not ideal for me, because I still want to fire the OK button when the user hits the enter key while not having the focus in the control Thank you anyway
  5. Hello, I have dialog with a multi-line string control, and a button allows to validate the dialog. This button is linked to the enter key. But this way, the user cannot put multiple lines, because if he hits "enter", the button is fired and the dialog closes! :headbang: Is there a way to bypass this? like deactivate the "enter" shortcut while the user enters text in the control? I tried but didn't find how. Thanks for your help!
  6. I investigated a bit more, there are strange things in your VI; if the vi I'm gving in parameter is not opened, it finds nothing. If it is opened, it finds 2 Call Library Function Nodes over 6. I think it is because the recursion is not remembering every objects found in structures.
  7. Thank you! :thumbup: Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work for my code (it doesn't find anything). I coded and attached something that works for me, any comments/corrections are welcome Download File:post-1401-1128614973.zip
  8. That's what I'm currently doing, I will post this when I'm done. Thanks to both of you Charles
  9. Hi, I'm willing to make numerous Call library function nodes reentrant. Of course I thougth "scripting!" and started to code a VI that can find a CLFN, and make it reentrant. But when I tried I realized that since they are everywhere in my VIs, I need a fucntion that can get all objects in a BD, by recursing in the structures, cases, sequences... Has anyone done that, or is there an easy way to do this? :question: Thanks
  10. I get it now. Thanks a lot for your help!
  11. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't find such a property... I attached what I use to create a control, what is wrong with it? Thanks Download File:post-1401-1106317485.vi
  12. Hi all, I started yesterday to play a bit with the scripting of VIs. I must say it is a real pleasure! But something I haven't found yet is how to change the representation of a created numeric control? I'm creating it through "New VI object.vi" (from OpenG toolkit), but it always created as a double. How can I do to choose that?
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