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  1. Can anyone give me a link to OBEX FTP protocol spec or a list/description of the headers (like the OPP 0x02 for put). I've been looking high and low and can only find API references.
  2. this will help with the IP address: IP And try this: Name
  3. Or download the password class in the code repository From then on (simplest) its just a case statement with an exit function in the false frame if the password fails and your sub-vi in the true frame if it passes
  4. QUOTE (khokhar @ Apr 15 2009, 09:10 AM) Under windows methods such as DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) or Automation Servers can be used to communicate with things like Excel, Word etc. It enables you to access methods and properties exposed by the application (including things like save and savAs). If you search the net you will find examples for Labview and there is The Report Generation Toolkit which enables interaction with Excel and Word amongst others. BUT. Not all apps expose their internal methods so it really depends on the program you are trying to control. If the program uses a pro
  5. I do have a developer suite which on a SSP, and no. I don't get a single license for all the packages. Apprently thats only for a volume license agreement...I've tried!
  6. Can reproduce it too. If you resize the window it sorts itself out. Looks like a refresh problem. I can get round it by writing to the bounds property of the vi (i.e forcing a refresh). But that doesn't enable you to "restore".
  7. QUOTE (Neville D @ Apr 13 2009, 09:03 PM) I have also used cFP for testing Train Valves, machine control and factory monitoring (many moons ago now). I disagree you are paying for robustness and ease of use. I think you are paying a premium for the NI name. For most of my applications it's the channel count vs cost that is prohibitive. I find dumb 32channel Gigabit Ethernet digital/Analogue IO is far more cost effective and easier to manage (IP65 compliant @ £600 all in) than any of the NI solutions. Even a PLC is 1/3 the price if you really must have real-time. QUOTE Again, your mil
  8. cFP are not cheap. You start at about £1,000 just for the controller and once you've added the backplane, and IO you are generally looking at about £2K+. RIO's (as far as I'm concerned) are just repackaged fieldpoints. Considering you will have multiple end points, you will need a controller for each point (NI will love you a lot). DO NOT GO WIRELESS!!!! (especially if you are in an industrial environment) unless you really have to. There aren't many pro's but shedloads of cons.Wires don't drop connections and interference is rife in the 2.4GHZ band. Also solid structures (like walls, cabine
  9. Or you could just password protect them or save without diagrams. The advantage of DLL's as proposed by djolivet is that they don't require the full development environment (do you really install a Full Labview License on every target machine????); just the run-time engine which is installed as part of test stand anyway! It really depends on how often you need to make changes. Generally, Vi's are always converted to DLL's as the last phase of the release before deployment especially if it is for a customer and not for internal use.
  10. If you start with the Labview Test Sequence Example (which I think we would all agree is useless) and change the individual tests to a single dynamic load, add a report,pre-test and post test VI (again dynamic load). With a bit of thought about the Data interface (2D array works best ) you can pretty much do 80% of what Test Stand does with a text file that tells the program which VI's to load. Discuss....lol.
  11. QUOTE (hfettig @ Apr 11 2009, 04:56 AM) Unless you really need real time acquisition I wouldn't go with RIO (very expensive). PC as the controller (pc cards are cheap and you have the full flexibility and scalability of LV without the LV RT and memory restrictions) and any 3rd party ethernet acquisition modules (better channel count than NI e.g http://www.acromag.com' rel='nofollow' target="_blank">Acromag).
  12. QUOTE (David Wisti @ Jan 23 2009, 06:04 PM) Yeah. Just what I need. Another license key to add to the 25 I already have!
  13. Ive used Test Stand quite extensively over the years for testing and the biggest problem seems to be that it tries to be all things to all people. If it just stuck to being a sequencing engine then it would be fine. If your tests are all read some data from a device, record the result and check for a pass/fail and and spit out a pass/fail report at the end and your doing that over and over again regardless of number of UUT's and no user interaction, then its superb. However, if you are doing test like set a pressure and record the response over time and check that it reaches 70% in ...say 1
  14. QUOTE (Ic3Knight @ Apr 11 2009, 09:11 AM) Using termination characters requires that a received message doesn't contain the character (otherwise you would return 1/2 way through a message). From your example, you only send 0x01's and 0x00's so jdunham is correct in that you can safely use 0xC0 as a term char for reading. Sending is different in that when you initialise using the VISA Configure Serial port vi, it does not set the termination char for writing (take a look inside, you could change that if you wanted to), rather, it sends the string you wire to it and terminates immediately o
  15. ShaunR

    Moving hand

    QUOTE (crelf @ Apr 6 2009, 07:56 PM) Like I said. It depends on distance and whether he wants to build an interface or buy off the shelf.
  16. ShaunR

    Moving hand

    QUOTE (raymyster @ Apr 6 2009, 01:07 PM) What switches depends on the range (laser are generally longer ranges than.....say...photo and inductive - not that inductive would be any good for detecting your hands...so how far away are you from the interface?) and probably more importantly on your budget. Other factors will affect your choice (do you have to see the spots...if not then maybe IR?) do you want to build something cheap (laser pointer and photo-detector < £5) or buy something to industrial standards (Pepperl + Fuchs £50-£100 each). Only you can choose the sensor as only you k
  17. ShaunR

    Moving hand

    2 laser switches and the Parallel port VI example. Move hand left, breaks beam 1. Move hand right, breaks beam 2.
  18. If you were previously using hyper-terminal then your messages are probably line feed terminated. Make sure that the serial init is set to use a terminator and the term char is 0xA. Don't bother with the bytes at serial port property node and wire a huge number (say 1024) to the bytes to read of the Visa read.vi. The number has to be big enough to receive your longest message and don't worry......the read will automagically return on the term char if its less. There is a serial example in Labview. "National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.2\examples\instr\smplserl.llb". Notice they don't use the bytes
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