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  1. Stability is always nice. I guess for now we have to be careful in the way we deal with x-nodes.
  2. That would be why you would want to try to isolate the offending code. "Something not working" is hard to debug, "This thing is not working" is usually fixable.
  3. Hi, I stumbled on this and experimented a little bit. The exact execution of the loop that causes the queing seams to be base upon CPU saturation. If I do something that uses up a lot of cycles compounds the queing issue. It seams that the xnode is getting a lower execution priority, not matter what I selected in the VI properties. Even the smallest amount shortage of CPU cycles in the user interface thread causes the issue. In the referring post you mentioned that you have a CAR for this issue. Any response from NI?
  4. G-code. This is the most important "feature," or more like a generation advancement. Dealing with the UI can be difficult, but, should I don't think it is any harder than other languages, just different. I don't have any regrets with leaving C behind in the dust. (I just hope that the NI R&D guys keep up the "I program in C so you don't have to" mentality.)
  5. Hi, I am only guessing, but, there may be a driver problem. (Some dll call is doing bad things.) If you can reliably recreate the error, I would duplicate your project, and start stripping out everything bit by bit, only stopping when there is no problem anymore. This would allow you to isolate the problem, and probably have enough missing that you could even post it here.
  6. Hi, I am guessing that you will be using polling then. I think that I would use the waveform data-type for short-term processing, and display. (Although I have used simple arrays for inherited code) Saving the data to file would be highly recommended if logging will be long-term. Also, If you don't care about the other 197 devices on the CAN network, I would recommend ignoring those datapoints.
  7. Quick answer crelf. "Coolest" might be slightly subjective. Search the web, and you will find a bunch of cool examples of LabVIEW. The FIRST robotics competitions are kind of cool too! So I guess any of those jobs would be fun. Personally I like my position, but can't give details.
  8. Hi, I agree with the above two super posters. However, as a quick ref: there is a invoke method "connect wire" that will do what you require. You will need the reference of the target tunnel, and the reference of where ever it will connect to. One way to get the tunnel reference, is by getting the reference of the parent structure, and using a property node. PS. Editing this post for the third time now. My laptop is not playing nice with my browser.
  9. Hi, there seams to be a lot of local variables. The loop is also free running.
  10. Hi, I am not quite following the desired outcome, but still have something to add. Deterministic timimg on a PC can be difficult. I expect around 100ms interupts to occur every now and then. If 100ms is long compared to total execution time, the system will become non-determainistic. I am guessing that this jitter is causing your problems.
  11. Performance was very reasonable, and the response time was fast. This actually worked very nicely for our project. I have not seen this before. Wow!
  12. Hi, I have done something kind of similar. We used sub-panels and dynamically called subVIs that are stuck into the sub-panels. This allow for some of the subVIs to be "popped-up" in a new window, after removing it from the sub-panel. However, we used buttons, instead of tabs for the navigation. That sounds really cool. I hope that you post your progress on this. EDIT: There was some cool examples in the recent Example Code Contest put on by NI. Specifically the cool UI examples. You may want to check some of them out.
  13. Wasn't thinking about that, but agree 100%. I usually use this in situations where the number of messages would be low/slow. I have not tried to pushed the limits of the approach.
  14. iHi, That should work, as long as only one process is "dequeuing." An "user event" may also be useful for this application. This allows the main process to react quickly to both, messages and user interface events, without polling. The choice between a queue, and user even depends upon the function of the main process. (ie. polling, or non-polling)
  15. I had that half way, closed LV by accident and didn't save. That is when I realized that I am still way too sick and tired to be doing any logic when I see doubles. That is where my first post came from.
  16. keeping all users happy is impossible. Even keeping a few moderately okay can be . If you need to have your "ini settings" move with an EXE, that is possible. Transferring VIs only doesn't offer the same "portability" in user experience.
  17. You might want to post that vi that you want to convert
  18. I actually had the same problem when upgrading to win7. Having a high resolution laptop screen means that I couldn't see much at the normal DPI settings. Changing them cause all kinda of problems with my FPs, just like you posted. Changing the settings back to normal did not exactly help, as win7/vista have different font settings then winXP did. The posts around here on that topic were indeed helpful.
  19. SuperS_5


    Hi Everyone. (hello world) Just wanted to say hello to the community, since I have a few posts on record. I have been trolling (lurking) around LAVA for a few years, but never had time to actively participate. I am fairly new at LabVIEW, but, have loved programming/computer/electronics since I would walk/talk. I hope that I will be sticking around for the extended future. Thanks to all of the admin/regulars that have made LAVA what it is.
  20. Hi, I have always seen hardware communications implemented via dll calls from LabVIEW. In my very limited experience in the area, drivers where provided. I then could use the "Call Library Function Node" to access the dll files required. (I have only used this from Windows)
  21. I have been sick, so couldn't get back to this thread. I noticed a car was created. I went back to test case E, and it is reproducable now. Maybe I didn't follow the directions the first time.
  22. Hi, You may want to look up some good LV programming techniques. Your math seams to be faulty. Try to revise your math, and make sure you understand the functions that you use.
  23. I don't think I could live with non G code. I continue to use LV, until some other replaceable solution, preferably open source, came alone. At ShaunR: Cool, 999 posts
  24. You can use "Owner Refum" input on create object vi, or move method of invoke node.
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