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  1. "An engineer is someone who can do for a dime what any fool can do for a dollar" - Sums up why we invest in software engineering practices

  2. This is insane, developers knowledge of security is so far behind the amount of stuff that is becoming connected https://t.co/vgCdxV2rpL

  3. Just found this and thought it was worth a post for posterity. The FPGA timekeeper is timing source independent. It's like the backend, you give it a time and it will synchronise to it, the main benefit is it will manage servoing the time, so rather than one big step change, any difference is corrected gradually. You then need a time source to send to this library, this is where the IRIG-B decoder would come in.
  4. RT @jessitron: A rhino can run 30 mph, but can only see 30 feet ahead.Sometimes I feel like that when I'm coding.(A group of rhinos is "a…

  5. RT @DrEvanHarris: Article by @LouiseMensch @demna25 A tape of part of Sir #TimHunt's speech emerges showing jokey nature http://t.co/W6ExJ…

  6. RT @metisautomation: Love the #LabVIEW Conditional Error Probe, saved me much frustration today! http://t.co/HiPn0ds5na

  7. RT @MarkAgee: STAGES OF WORKING FROM HOME- Yay I get to work from home- It would be nice to talk to people- I hope that pigeon sits in t…

  8. A post about my experience with floating point precision: http://t.co/Bm4PfSI5D1 http://t.co/f79bcaBGr3

  9. RT @Mark_cpp: Software development is like altering the past. Changes look great at first but then your cat's a dog and you're married to…

  10. Interesting to hear functional programming to OO devs. Realising @labview makes this easy https://t.co/xdR37mRVQm via @YouTube

  11. The sine wave does use some different resources for the square wave (the cordic units on the FPGAs) but these should be available on all targets. I would check that it is set to run outside a single cycle timed loop if that option is available in case this is impacting something.
  12. Hi, The short answer is I don't think your loop is running as fast as you think. On a standard LabVIEW while loop on the block diagram the loop time is the execution time of the code inside the loop. On a single cycle timed loop is where the loop time is equal to the clock rate, this would give you the calculations you expect. To try and work it through, I'm unsure the execution time of the delay blocks off the top of my head but it seems possible it could run in one cycle. Remembering that these are shift registers effective means: 1) They are not part of the calculation 2) The longest path is only one side of these This makes the longest path (the U16 to I16 conversion should be free) 5 ticks (3 if not). 5 * 25ns = 100ns period. 100ns * 9 * 512 = 460.8uS, we are getting close. Anyway the short version is that using standard while loops for specific timing is tricky because as soon as you change the code, you change the timing. I would do some reading around single cycle timed loops, they give you reliable timing and I think are closer to the behaviour you expect, but beware there are few gotchas in some unsupported functions and if you try and do to much the compilation will fail.
  13. RT @Catfish_Man: If you ever need to explain race conditions: “that thing where you go to swipe an email and a new one comes in and you del…

  14. Woo final draft of a blog post on QMH in LabVIEW done which I can't wait to release to the world, I always have to sleep on it though

  15. Using @jkisoftware VI tester for TDD instead of UTF, better for behaviour driven TDD, would like to remove a few clicks in a few places tho

  16. External Video - TDD, Where Did It All Go Wrong? http://t.co/6JmX41xMPU

  17. Great to see so many @labview user groups in the UK meeting regularly. Power to the users!

  18. RT @irondavy: If you delete unnecessary URL params off links you send to pals, you're a good person. That's the only way to be considered a…

  19. Wish I had read Agile Software Development earlier, this video is a nice presentation form of some of SOLID https://t.co/zk7388T48u

  20. RT @tech_faq: Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence! - Edsger W. Dijkstra

  21. RT @Ri_Science: New submission to the hackgallery from @NIglobal intern http://t.co/Ov0FvQqtFd Engineering projects from our audience http:…

  22. Watch how TDD can lead to better LabVIEW code http://t.co/4lbvBddBVO

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