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  1. Hey Guys, Had a play today and hit a parsing error. It would be really useful if the errors generated included a preview of the string it failed to parse. I did a quick mod so that it includes the first 10 chars of the string it is trying to parse. I'd be happy to look at adding this in a fork but wanted to check there is no reason this hasn't been done before. Cheers, James
  2. It needs to get warmer, this is the only way to reliably get GPS to test a system I'm building! https://t.co/nKDVWpkZcB

  3. Like the look of this spock testing library - trying to think of what we can steal in the labview area https://t.co/DsqcqKy7xf

  4. Nearly caught by clever @gmail attachement hack - image looks like file but links to site - always be suspicious! https://t.co/nXqF1m2L3f

  5. Wow these look great, will definately be checking them out on a project I'm working on
  6. Do we need the command line in LabVIEW? I think so and am trying to make it easier! https://t.co/ujYmVBHqGd

  7. In some ways I like the format - The best answers filter to the top and even if someone has answered you can contribute by backing it up with a vote. Questions on here are normally answered in quite long back and forths thought which doesn't work so well as you lose the post order and so the discussion can't be followed. I don't know if that is because of the nature of the questions in which case we shouldn't change it.
  8. My favourite tool for launch as a service now is nssm (non-sucking service manager) - much easier than mucking about with the registry.
  9. Today's work takes me back to some of the first code I wrote when I left NI. Nice reminder of how far I've come!

  10. Every single human is an explosion of complexity; needs, wants, quirks, foibles, beliefs... Love it! via @amyhoy https://t.co/DlfdEKLLqz

  11. Do we underuse text labels in LabVIEW? I've got some thoughts on making our code clearer to read. https://t.co/AfJnAnPKD7

  12. FYI I use @planio for all of my software development projects and love it. If your interested, my referral link ;-) https://t.co/7xfGzygVW7

  13. These before and after pictures are getting rediculous, this guy has a different number of arms! https://t.co/m1VL16BLnA

  14. Wow, what a #CLASummit! I've written up a couple of my thoughts at https://t.co/aGWscGdCg5

  15. RT @patio11: Words cannot express how superior this is, for you and others, than "write no blog posts." Expertise not required! https://t.c…

  16. Just great few days at #CLASummit can't name everyone but fantastic to talk LabVIEW with so many people

  17. RT @dnatt: It's been a while since I've been this excited about a new #LabVIEW tool. Check out the G Code Manager! https://t.co/YHPNmOUugV

  18. These functions use some encryption that is built into NI's web servers, I forget exactly what for, but I have thought I got lucky before and proven to be wrong! What sort of encryption do you need? Most commonly with http you would make the server support HTTPS and then LabVIEW client can support this and means your data is encrypted in flight.
  19. RT @NoBugsHare: "Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant." https://t…

  20. RT @alisongroves: In. Credible. Do the right thing, y'all. Always. https://t.co/UByE6J3ol9

  21. RT @webfuelconsult: Listen. Take the best. Leave the rest - Richard Branson

  22. RT @NoBugsHare: "A good #programming language is a conceptual universe for thinking about programming." - Alan Perlis https://t.co/ycZo3iXz…

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