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  1. I think this is a scan engine node that has lost it's reference to the IO point. That's what it reminds me of anyway. The blue square means that it is actually connected to something.
  2. @jamesmc86 Bit of relevance: For my consultancy business. 1 man for foreseeable future though subcontractors - mainly for CI, DB servers etc

  3. I've worked with postgres with the NI toolkit in the past without any issues. I can't remember specifics but I remember finding it to be more feature rich that MySQL (partitioned tables was definitely one we were using)
  4. RT @ZoggTheAlien: I made an animated gif to explain why female Earthlings stopped coding in 1984. https://t.co/O2fFBuUe7m

  5. @swatzyssdc contingency is the tough bit! I have tended to fix price per phase. Scope is fixed then but additions can be made next phase

  6. Hi Bhavin, It depends on what you want to achieve. If you are new to OO I would suggest that you keep with the standard Producer Consumer pattern and just start changing some of your code to use classes. Anywhere you have libraries, custom clusters or FGVs are good indicators. This lets you get used to the basics without getting bogged down in more complicated design patterns. What you have to remember is design patterns are all solutions to a single problem so if you don't have that problem then don't rush to use them as they can make your code more complicated. If you really want to take a look at one though the most equivalent is the command pattern. This allows you to add actions to the consumer loop without having to change its code at all (the problem it solves). But as per my warning above, I use OO all the time and have still never used this in anger!
  7. I thought the concept is that you would still own the copyright on your contributions anyway, if you happen to license it under open source (as you are obliged to if you have derived from most open source license) that doesn't have ownership implications so I wouldn't expect that to be necessary (although I'm not familiar with the in's and out's of R&D credits as I haven't found a project for them yet). Either way I am happy for you to do this but I do think it would be a shame to split to 2 projects as it tends to cause more confusion (jenkins vs hudson for example!)
  8. Downloading #niweek videos for time in hospital. Come out with a new knee lig. And better #labview skills hopefully! Thx to all that filmed!

  9. It still creates two different contexts in the projects so any libraries or classes that are in both (a.k.a all of them as it is the same VI!) are locked and you cannot edit type defs or add VIs.
  10. It is a pain that I would generally avoid but my issues are that I have the same code on 2 different types of RT systems so everything is locked so that forced my hand more in this case.
  11. I've been lurking as I have nothing to add but to say your not alone! I have taken to using multiple projects more often than I would like. I also have fun with classes and what I presume is a compile issue, my project generally wont run interactively saying random VIs are broken. If you open them, save (maybe force recompile) it will move onto another VI is broken. Eventually it will work. I depend on remote debugging instead now.
  12. Are you able to post this as a text file? I always have quotes around strings using this tool without issues so they are supported and as you point out it isn't valid JSON without it. I am wondering if there are some extra characters or the types of characters that are used that cause the problem.
  13. 2015 would work for me, all my active development is currently in that or higher. Obviously if the current version could be archived somewhere just in case that would add a bit of security
  14. Cheers @delacorllc . Please take time to fill them in if you were at #NIWeek - feedback is what got us room 15! https://t.co/3OQnfYyzg9

  15. @NIUK_Katie best of luck with whatever you off to next, you will be missed

  16. Woo go @RoebuckChris ! #NIWeek https://t.co/epHvy14wyW

  17. @delacorllc @boobarsbbq yeah just preparing my taste buds for Austin next week!

  18. RT @dnatt: Don't be scared of feedback nodes in #LabVIEW! They often simplify wiring compared to shift registers. https://t.co/6WfFM8PYFo

  19. This is a little from memory but: The trigger lines in PXI (and so I am assuming the star triggers too) are fairly dumb. You are setting the state of the line so if your system expects to trigger on a rising edge (which is quite normal for PXI systems) then you would need to pulse the trigger line to work (high-low-high). Just writing a true to it twice is just going to leave it high. I believe the inputs are just clocked with whatever clock domain you have them on the FPGA. The clock sharing in the article appears to be referring to data acqusition clocks but this shouldn't be needed for a simple trigger.
  20. @swinders thanks, it's been quite a learning curve!

  21. RT @swatzyssdc: CSLUG 19th July https://t.co/KohQnh3Gk3 If you tell us you are coming you may get fed.

  22. Cleaned out a nasty circular dependency in my #labview classes and now everything is fast again! Any tips for avoiding them?

  23. @ArgentaConsult1 thanks for having me. It's a great user group

  24. I've got a new structure for my unit tests in @jkisoftware VI tester in my latest post - https://t.co/gVJ0aX3Xbm

  25. RT @gatesfoundation: Don't have a red nose? That's ok! For every RT we'll donate $10 toward ending child poverty. #RedNose4Kids https://t.c…

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