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  1. Yes, there is many things wrong with this. What about the new adapter icons. What is the point of moving away from the well known product logos and just use the first letter of product name instead? It makes no sense.
  2. I attended my first TestStand course in 2004 and have been working with TestStand on a regular basis since 2008. To me it seems that every one who has replied to this thread until now is making the most common miss assumption about TestStand: "TestStand is a test sequencer". Of cause you are right about that, but it is so much more. With TestStand you get a toolbox for creating your own test management frame work. This means that you as a test developer need to spend some time getting to know you toolbox, just like you had to learn how to program in LabVIEW at some point. An yes, TestSt
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