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  1. right click frame -> add frame after/before ?
  2. My company decided not to renew the SSP licences since we don't update very often. We only recently moved from 7.1.1 to 2010 SP1, a few months before I started here. But 2011SP1 is still an option. anyway, last weekend I got a new computer at home so I thought I'd give 2011 SP1 a go, so I downloaded it from ni.com, installed as evaluation (didn't know my serialno) and today I got a call from a NI sales representative asking if I wanted to update my SSP anyway because I downloaded the last version... I have a feeling now that every move I make on the NI site is being watched :/
  3. In an array the datatypes are always the same type. You could read the spreadsheet as strings and at the time you want to do comparisons convert the string to the type you want
  4. A little update: I have implented this using lvODE, in the end it was pretty simple
  5. Thanks for the tips Should be able to start working on it some more on monday
  6. Hello, I'm building software to control a machine to align a sensor in a camera. There needs to be a way to limit the movement of the head to prevent damage to the camera, sensor or the machine. Currently this is done by limiting each axis so that you get a box in which the head can move. But this also limits the movement in areas where the head should be able to move freely (to the left and right of camera for instance). I could offcourse define more boxes but it would be even greater if I could load the complex 3D shapes of the machine, head and camera (didn't try yet, but should be possible from what I read) and display them in a 3D Picture box and then determine if the meshes are intersecting or not. Does anyone have any idea how I can determine if the meshes are intersecting? Any tips in which direction I need to look?
  7. Maybe you can use the event structure with value change events, the event structure also gives the time when the event occured
  8. I have treid opening the FP with the invoke node, but still my input field loses focus, I have tried with both activate true and false and the diffirent 'state' options... and @ Crelf: it first reads the textfiles, filters unwanted stuff, finds the start and end headers and puts it all in a 3D array (a page for every section), then it add it all to the tree with as display text the acual property and as tag name the entire path to that property: container1.container2.property and it adds the value to the 2nd column. This way all tags remain unique and its easy to turn it into a property loader file again by just writing all the tagnames to a file (and offcourse the headers needed voor teststand), thats the basics but offcourse it has some stuff to make the editing of the tree easier, also a option to save all modifications to a file and apply them on other file(s). it has several specific things for our products so I can't really show it here without 'undressing' it first
  9. For a tool to edit Teststand Property Loader files I have a tree structure with all the propertuwa, in the screen to add a property I have a string control with autocomplete, it dynamicly generates the keyword list based on what propertys are available in that specific container. Now the problem: I want to display a list of available of available properties in a popup screen. I made a subVI to show the dialog but when opened it steals the focus from the main screen, so I am unable to continue typing in the string control. So, what I want is a popup to show available properties but that doesn't steal key focus, but it does have to remain on top. A bit like the Labview Context Help window, it adapts its contents based on what I do on the screen, remains on top, but doesn't have (key)focus. Best would be like the popup window in Teststand, there the key focus remains in the input box, but the up/down arrow allows you to select an option in the popup menu Does anyone have any tips to help me along a bit?
  10. Thanks Francois since I have some very long strings in the "value" field I need the scrollbar so its not going to work the way I originaly wanted it... However, I now made it so that you get a popup when you doubleclick, its a bit like the Microsoft regedit program now.
  11. offcourse I have tried that, but then I need to click twice on a cell (with a small pause in between) to edit it, its really counterintuitive From the Labview help: So it works just as described in the labview help, but like I said, its really counterintuitive
  12. I am building a tool to make it easier to edit TestStand property loader files. (we have hundreds of diffirent property loader files for diffirent products) I managed to turn the text into a tree structure, the property is put in the first column and the value is put in the second column. Now I need an easy way to edit the value. Normaly this can be done by clicking the cell, waiting a short period and then clicking again but this isn't very handy. If you click just a bit to fast or slow it won't work... What I want is to be able to click once to edit a field. I did this by catching the "Mouse Down" event and turning the pixel coords into a col/row coordinate and setting the Edit Position with a property node All fine so far, And now the problem: When setting the Edit Position this way the tree structure scrolls so that the value column (column 1) is at te left most position, so now I can edit, but I can't see what I am editing I tried using the "Top Left Visible Cell" Property but then the cell I want to edit loses focus... Is there any way to make the tree structure scroll to the left again? so that both columns are visible Or another way to easily edit a cell?
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