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  1. Hi, first of all thanks a lot for replying. I have the application with Run time licensing in a specific PC. That PC is brokern now, so I would like to use that Run Time license in another new PC. Is it possible or I have to buy another run time license? Thanks again.
  2. Hi to all, First to all thanks for being able to help and reading this post. I would like to ask two question: 1- I have RUN TIME asigned to a PC, but know I would like to change this PC and install the same application to another PC (of course, keeping the same Run Time) Is it possible and how can I do that? because when I put a run time in a PC it is associated with that pc. 2- I would like to associate the application to a PC, so if the application run to another PC it can not. I see some post that associate the application with serial number of PC and serial number of hard disk, is this the best way? Thanks a lot.
  3. @ensegre How can I do the same but just counting white pixels in a specific ROI? With a mask or something like this? Thanks a lot
  4. I would like to know if there is a parameter in line scan camera which allow me to control time trigger along NI MAX or labview with imaqdx. I mean, I would like to triggering camera during 100ms which specific shutter and specific line/sec. And if I change shutter or line/sec the time trigger keep being the same (100ms) I don't know if this is possible with some parameter of line scan camera. Thanks a lot.
  5. Sorry, how can I do that? I do not understand really well. Thanks a lot again.!
  6. Hi to all. I would like to get the number of white pixels in an image (so get the white area). I see histogram.vi but I do not know how to do that. Any help? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi to all, First of all thanks a lot for reading this post and being able to help. I am trying to use Imaq Compare Golden Template vi in a for loop. I am trying to do the next: 1- I have 3 templates and 1 image inspection. 2- The templates are in the image inspection. So image that the image inspection is an image with a big 1 2 3 numbers. So the templates are 1, then 2, and then 3. An for loop has 3 iterations. 3- In each iteration I pass a template, with IMAQ pattern matching vi template is found in an image (getting bounding box) and then do the compare golden template to get the defects (differences between template and image). I am doing the program based on this example "LabVIEW\examples\Vision\Golden Template Comparison\Golden Template Inspection.vi" My program is the next: In the program I have three images (Cam1_PROD_display, Cam1_PROD_display2, Cam1_PROD_display3) with defects drawn in each templates, I mean, defects in template 1 are drawn in Cam1_PROD_display, defects in template 2 are drawn in Cam1_PROD_display2, defects in template 3 are drawn in Cam1_PROD_display3. Something like this: -Templates are three (1, 2, 3): - And the displays Cam1_PROD_display, Cam1_PROD_display2, Cam1_PROD_display3 show the next in each display (with defects in red): - But I want just one display which shows all defects in one image like this: How can I do that with the code that I have? I think that I have to do some operations (merge) of the three displays in one. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
  8. Hello to all. I am looking for a good interface. I would like to find "buttons, controls, indicators, combo box..." so free toolkits like this: ni theme. Where can I find more? Just to get ideas to create a proffesional interface. Thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks a lot for replying. Absolutely change from 32 bits to 64bits didn't change anyhthing. Finally I decided to check different issues in my program and that is the solution. Specially synchronization issues. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello to all. I wonder if there is a One Shot rising/falling vi for free in some library out there. Just which works like "one shot rising" and "one shot falling" from Real Time module. Thanks a lot.
  11. Thank you a lot. Could you post me a little example in LV using imaq cast and resample as you said? One more thing. have I to do this every time that camera snaps a image? so just after that? Thanks again.
  12. But if binning and casting take shorter time that having a large and big resolution image it helps me. By the way, how can I do binning and casting? In NI MAX? My application runs in a industrial PC and the camera has to take 4 image every 130ms and process them in 200 ms. It runs in windows 7.
  13. First of all thanks a lot for replying! Okey so the problem is normal. Perfect! User has to visualize a big display so the perfect solution here is to process every image from the camera but just display only one image every so many. My question here is the next. I have a ROI property node of my display. I can process the image with that ROI even if I don't wire the final image processed to display? My camera is a basler acA1300-30gm. I have used this vi imaq_setimagesize . But the problem is that I can't notice if it really changes the resolution. Have I to run this vi afeter each time camera snaps a photo or just once (just only one after I run ImaqCreate)? Thanks again.
  14. Hello to all. First of all thanks a lot for reading this post and being able to help. I have noticed the next problem: My application has a camera, this camera takes images (snap mode) and application process them (detect some edges in the image). It works fine. But when I make the Display bigger my application takes longer to process images (and for me that is crucial). I think that this happens because my application in this case has to process a bigger image (bigger display = bigger image??) So maybe if My camera takes images with lower resolution I solve the problem. So how can I change image resolution captured by my gigE camera? In NI MAX or in Labview? Thanks a lot!
  15. Thanks to all. What I have finally used is two parallel loops. So like that it works fine.
  16. Could you tell me how I can use those can of asynchronous dialogs that you use? thanks a lot
  17. Hello to all. First of all thanks a lot for reading this post. I have a while with event structure. The event structure has the next two events: · Timeout: each 25ms, this timeout reads variables from PLC. · Button event: When user press this button, a dialog box appears to ask "yes or no" to user. Well, here maybe there is a problem because if usser takes more than 25ms to enter an input in dialog box then timeout does not run in that iteration and It is critical for me. Is there any way to do that program runs and it does not stop until usser put an input in dialog box? Or the best way is to do another event structure in another while with button event? Thanks a lot.
  18. Hello to all. I am using NI MAX to get images from a camera (snao mode and hardware trigger). The camera is a basler 1300-30gm. The problem is the next: My camera snaps 4 images (1 image each 40ms). In pylon viewer (camera oficcial software) I can see the four images correctly. The problem is that when I am trying to see the 4 images in NI MAX sometime the camera can not take the 4th image... like there is no time to take the 4 image (or process it to visualize in NI MAX). So maybe there is a configuration parameter in NI MAX to solve this. Any ideas? How can I solve it? I set up package size to 8000. Maybe package size is the problem? Thanks a lot.
  19. Yes! That simple!! Thanks!! I have another question. In my application I have to read constantly a few variables from PLC (coils, registers...). For example if a coil is 1, then an event occurs in my application (in an event structure). Sometimes as I said in #1 some variables are not read. So what is the best way to do a poll? Just one while reading every variables (coils and registers) each 10ms for example and then pass the information in local variables to anothers whiles? Thanks a lot!
  20. Thanks a lot for replying. Is there any examples to use DETT toolkit? Thanks.
  21. I am going to use performance toolkit to improve speed program. But I am going to heck if 64 bits program is better. Thanks!
  22. Thanks a lot for answering. I have just done it with imaq pallete. It is easy to do it. thanks a lot.
  23. Hello to all. I have a 32 bit application created with application builder 32 bits Labview 2015 SP1. It runs in 64 bits OS but sometime it is slow. So I think that one solution could be to create a 64 bits application. is it going to improve from 32 bits to 64 bits? I am using Vision adquisition software toolkit and its run-time vision. Thanks a lot.
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