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  1. Thank you so much it helps a lot to understand and my vi is working also now. I have still have small doubt about the output. Actually my output is reading in string and would like to convert into number. and I am having issue with that. Do you have any suggestion? Output Looks like : AOM=300 I would like fetch 300 from the string!
  2. Hello All, I am new to the Labview. I am trying to communicate my hardware using serial port connection and trying to read values by entering specific command. It would be really helpful if someone can give me a broader idea how I would can able to do that. Ex: if I type SNU? , in that situation I should get a response from hardware about the serial number. Thanks in advance, Parth
  3. Hello, I need one help regarding changing the image image type How can I convert grey scale image to false color image? Here, I have attached two images. 1. greyscale image 2. is just an example that I want to convert. (False Color). Any help would be appreciate. Thanks, Parth Panchal
  4. Hello Smithd, Thank you so much for suggestions. Definitely, all those suggestion gonna help me to figure out the pixel value. But, Did you implement any kind of background correction algorithm? related to what I am trying to do. (i.e. Averaging 4 corner values). Even though if you didn't do it do you have nay idea how to get the average values for all those corner? Thanks
  5. Hello All, I am new to the camera labview programming. For my research work, I am using camera to grab the live image. I am stuck with one problem. how to treat the background? I tried to subtract the constant value from the entire image, but with that i am loosing few of my data. I know one solution, but I don't know how to implement this solution. Problem: how to take the values from the 4 corner of the image and subtract those value from entire image? If anybody previously develop similar stuff then please help me out for this. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks, Shaun removebackground.vi
  6. Hello, Here, I have attached the VI in which I want to do auto exposure and set that exposure value. Basically this is program for laser beam analysis on live image. Basically I want to set exposure time accordingly laser beam intensity. If anyone previously worked on it then please help me with that. I am new to image processing. Other image I attached, that's the part I want to implement with this program. Help me out to solve this problem. Thanks Thanks, Basic_Camera_Live_Beam_Information.vi
  7. Hello All, Did any one previously used Imaging source camera (DMK series)? If yes, then please give me a reply. I need one help regarding Camera Attributes. Thanks,
  8. I tried but didn't got the success. Is it possible for you to make a small VI for demonstration?
  9. I have to program it. I don't have any idea how to do that's why I posted over here. Do you have any idea how can I program it?
  10. Hello, Research purpose, I am using Imagining Source (DMK 33Ux249) camera to capture the laser beam. I am trying to write a code for auto exposure according to power level of laser beam. I used Vision acquistion for capturing live video image and tried to open the front panel of the vision acquistion. But, I couldn't figure out how to set the exposure level automatically. Basically whole task is, 1. Capturing live image 2. set the exposure time according to laser beam profile 3. Remember the exposure the time and set again according to next frame or beam profile. Is anybody previously work or have an idea to solve this issue please let me know. Thanks
  11. It works properly. Thank you so much. Other thing I want to ask you regarding auto exposure. Did you have any idea If we want to perform auto exposure of the camera how can we perform ?
  12. Sorry forgot to ask you. Do you have any idea if I have a image capturing from live camera and if i want to remove a background.? I have one solution but I am facing problem to solve this. Here, is the solution.
  13. Thank you so much. I will try and if I have a question the will let you know.
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