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  1. Getting absoerrorlog.txtlutely nowhere with this. Reinstalled my OS, managed to install LV2019, now cannot install any RT stuff. Package managed is choking on NI-Serial. ===== 2019-Aug-12 22:44:11.734283 ===== Exception in ni::pkgclient::TransactionBase::StartInternal. Error code: -125083 Request type: 30 -125083: An error occurred while installing a package: ni-serial-runtime ( File: source\nipkg_client\pkgclient\PluginInteraction.cpp Line number: 237 Additional error information: -125530: An error occurred while installing the MSI at 'serialRuntime64.msi'. File: p:\AST\PackageManagement\components\nipkg\trunk\19.0\source\shared_agents\WinInstall/ErrorHandler/ErrorInfo.h Line number: 111 Anybody know what these error codes mean?
  2. You can programmatically colour decorations. The tricky bit is getting a reference to them, as you cannot just look them up by name. What you can do though is figure out their UID and then operate on them by using this number. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to access them via their index position in the Decorations array, the order frequently changes and will cause very subtle coloring bugs in your code!
  3. Thanks Tim, the problem is I cannot even install the stuff in the first place! NI Package Manager is not my favourite piece of software at the moment...
  4. Some good stuff there, $15 gets you everything. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/data-analysis-machine-learning-books?partner=gamefromscratch
  5. I really am not a fan of the new NI Package Manager. Having so much drama with it across multiple computers. Cannot install the Vision Development Module 2019, the installer just closes soon after starting, no error messages or anything. Staring Package Manager directly gives this error: Anybody else having issues?
  6. Drat, still not having any luck with this. I am going to see if this works in a VM.
  7. Hmmm. I wonder which part of "offline" is not clear?
  8. Thanks! I did actually click there but thought it was just for patches.
  9. Can anybody point me in the direction of the offline installers for 2019 (+toolkits/drivers for FPGA and RT). I can only find the 3.5 MB web installer for pretty much anything. Thanks!
  10. The difference in the Value output type can be caused by the mechanical switching mechanism that is configured on the boolean. I don't have LabVIEW on the PC I am on now and I can never remember their names properly, but only the top row of the mechanical switching mechanism will give you green boolean value.
  11. Can you show us what the control on the sub VI is please. Also the Context Help window might provide some insight into why this wire is broken.
  12. There is no need for the timed loop as the DAQ itself has a timing source. Just use a regular loop and ask the DAQ for a certain number of samples. This will accurately fix the loop rate. Also, to get up and running just try using a regular queue. Although you need to be a bit more careful on RT there is no good reason they will not work unless you really need to get every last ounce of performance from the system. I have never been a fan of shared variables, too much "magic" going on behind the scenes for my liking.
  13. A Radio-button has a natural interlock mechanism. You can customise the booleans to be regular buttons and also change their positions to get a 2D grid type feel if that is what you want.
  14. I did not try and translate any filenames. Only strings, numerics and booleans.
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