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  1. Wow, glad I have my fireproof jacket on this morning! 🤣
  2. Yup, and now we are way too deep in the rabbit hole. A standard boolean does pretty much exactly what I need it just does not have an icon on it. As soon a NI open sources LabVIEW we will be able to fix things like this 🙂
  3. But mouse down fires off when the user clicks anywhere in the path, I am after just the browse button. I ended up replacing the button with my own one and it all works ok, just a bit of a bodge.
  4. Does this work at runtime in an exe? I never thought to try this, thanks for the suggestion. The problem is I need to set the default value as soon as the browse button is pressed, not before. There is no event exposed that will trigger when the browse button is clicked.
  5. Sure, but changing the port fixed things, which is surely just a number in a packet datagram somewhere?
  6. I have seen something similar. I supported a system that had 10 cRIOs all transmitting UDP data to be logged at a reasonable rate, and packets would indeed just get "lost" (as noticed by the receiver PC). I never did any analysis to see if they were not being transmitted or not being received, I just solved the problem by using a different port per cIRO.
  7. The best thing about a UDP joke is I don't care if you don't get it.
  8. Thanks James. I may be able to fix this then by colouring those arrows to be the same as my background colour rather than transparent. Edit: even more strangely, colouring them a colour and then back to transparent causes the problem to go away Edit2: LabVIEW is now behaving but the exe displays the same problem. I am going to leave this for now and just use the system control. If I get a moment I will try and fix it but for now I am moving on.
  9. Will check it out. I am on a new laptop so need to install the Flatline controls again. Edit: no everything seems to be behaving now. One strange thing, I see the latest Flatline slider has a round grab handle; has it always been like this? If so then I have no idea where I got my slider from as mine has a rectangular grab handle. Anyway, for now just going to use the system control (which is not ideal as I would like to be able to colour the grab handle to match some other colours on my GUI).
  10. So weird. I have replaced it with a system control and everything is now behaving as expected.
  11. Take a look at the attached control, all it is is a slider (which I think I modified from the flatline controls from drjdpowell) When I just open this in LabVIEW, not even anything running, my CPU usage jumps from about zero to nearly pegging one of the cores of my PC. Weird... Slider_Test.ctl
  12. The bug I mentioned is not in the LabVIEW control, it manifests in the Windows file explorer dialogue that pops up.
  13. Thanks, thats what I ended up doing. It works ok but a Windows bug causes the text to be pushed out of the control, so I had to then applying this fix: http://etchingpathways.blogspot.com/2012/07/labview-simulating-keyboard-events.html
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