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    Wired wires

    "Natural starting point" is not as obvious as it seems to be. We have to distinguish visual starting point and real starting point. Real one is always in the center of terminal (rectangle visible on connector pane). Visual is in the place where it goes out from below the icon. The little piece between these points is not visible, but it is always present and it influences behavior of the wire when you move icon around. If you want to determine nice "natural starting point" (in visual terms), you have to consider also shape of the icon - as it may be smaller then 32x32 square. Shape of the icon is determined be "outermost" spot of white pixels (it becomes transparent). So determination of object's borders is not so trivial... Doable. We have to store original shape somewhere (tags are natural place for such a data) and to introduce "Revert shape" command. Doable and simplest of features you proposed. Another nice point for scripting practice
  2. vugie

    Wired wires

    Oh, no... You forced me to dig in old, rusty and not commented (!!!) code, which was made only for fun. My first shot is that I don't handle the case of an endpoint which is also a junction. Select wire segment which is selected on your first picture, tap right arrow once an it should work again. Feel free to correct this bug as scripting exercise
  3. There are alternative drivers for Kinect - OpenKinect. DLLs, are pure C style, so easy accessible from LabVIEW. There is also some work done on LV wrappers for OenKinect.
  4. You may also use "Static VI Reference" from Application Control palette. Put it on the diagram, right-click, select Browse for Path, and select VI. Then you can run it with Call by Reference Node and path for this VI doesn't exist explicitly on BD (however it is stored inside "static" node). If you use dynamic calls in such a way, VI is always automatically included into built application. If you break such VI, broken arrow appears also in VI with static reference. If you want to run it multiple times, it must be reentrant.
  5. There is even appropriate library for that...
  6. You could also make a picture out of 1x1 free labels as pixels...
  7. I' recalling it from memory, but I'm pretty sure that it is not possible. Exactly as in snippet I posted, you have to delete whole the wire first and then recreate it. You may of course use information from Joints[] for recreating (retrieved before deletion).
  9. It is not only important where to bend a wire, but also HOW to do it: Here is RCF plugin which does the job. Seriously, the Invoke Node you are searching for is "Create Described Wire": "Wire Desc" input is tricky one, because you have to specify coordinates of wire nodes in opposite way - as an array of (y,x) pairs...
  10. http://lavag.org/files/file/63-code-capture-tool/
  11. I had always impression that some more complicated algorithm controls the appearance of these stars...
  12. I'm not sure what do you want to achieve, but: Box.vi never finishes exectuition (infinite loop), so your middle loop in 3D Objects.vi never starts to work Infinite loop in Cylinder.vi, however as it is called inside a middle loop it also never starts to work. Setting dimensions twice in both cylinder and box VIs is really not needed You always have to create object and its drawable ONCE, then manipulate them using the same reference. If for some reason you want to recreate it (the only reason for that I recall is when you want to animate mesh) you have to remove previous object and close its reference. Otherwise you'll have memory leak. If you want to control something from second vi, call it once and pass to it references of objects to manipulate and queue reference to let it send information back to master vi.
  13. I personally use the reputation system when I'm searching for a good answer in old topic. Previously there were green squares which was attracting attention while scrolling. Now "like" indicator is not as visible... New system is fine, because you can see whether author of the question likes the answer (so it could be a solution), but it would be good if i.e. background of "who like this" has some more attracting color.
  14. vugie

    LAVA Gets an Upgrade

    I'd only like to mention how I appriciate that yellow glow is gone. I generally like refreshed logo and new theme. However the pink color on "unread" page distracts too much...
  15. Sorry for answering so late - I missed this post. You can find an example here. Nodes descriptions are made in billboard mode.
  16. You should rather do it like this: However I'm not sure whether XControl could do something later with objects you add. That's a question to its developer. You may also get access to individual elements of a graph (also without any warranty). Example how to do it is here. I personally avoid to use new object style XControls for 3D plots. Loading time is a sufficient reason. Stability is second one.
  17. Control system and HMI for automated device for testing laser protective clothing Drivers for our custom stepper motor controllers Wrappers for FTDI chip library. Original wrappers for LV are... it's not worth saying. Research on fitting measured data to theoretical models of reflectance and transmittance of light for textiles. Genetic algorithms involved.
  18. Are you moving a forklift with directly setting velocity, force, or just by pushing it to subsequent positions?
  19. Until you are not able to solve it 5 times in row
  20. This is how I created this list: Style input serves rather for selecting FP object style, I don't know what is its purpose for BD objects...
  21. Here it is. Just from properties of ring control. .NET Container 2125.NET Refnum 34412D Picture 35083D Picture 23776Absolute Value 1054Access Rights 1412ActiveX Container 2072Add 3915Add 1 1050Add Array Elements 1903Agitator 3831AllSpoll 1960Always Copy 2400And 1061And Array Elements 1911Append True/False String 1511Application Refnum 3412Array 21608Array 1 3300Array Constant 2070Array Interface Control 23777Array Max & Min 1907Array Size 1809Array Subset 2044Array To Cluster 1168Array To Spreadsheet String 1540Array of Strings to Path 1422Atmospheric Tank 3070Atmospheric Tank 1 21751Automation Close 8001Automation Open 8000Automation Refnum 3410Avogadro Constant (1/mol) 23520Base 10 Logarithm Of e 23512Bin 3073Bin 1 21755Bitpack to Array 3135Blocking Variable Read 23786Blocking Variable Write 23789Bluetooth Close Connection 9148Bluetooth Create Listener 9151Bluetooth Discover 9152Bluetooth Network Connection Refnum 3468Bluetooth Open Connection 9153Bluetooth Read 9149Bluetooth Wait On Listener 9147Bluetooth Write 9150Boolean Array To Number 1815Boolean To (0,1) 1167Build Array 2041Build Cluster Array 2047Build Matrix 8500Build Path 1419Build Waveform 2066Bundle 2049Bundle By Name 2057Byte Array To String 1609Byte Stream File Refnum 3408CAN Channel 21966CAN Channel 1 3340CAN Channel 2 2124CAN Channel 3 21817CAN Interface 3339CAN Interface 1 21815CAN Interface 2 2123CAN Interface 3 21964CAN Task 3470CAN Task 1 3471CAN Task 2 21963CAN Task 3 21789CPU Information 24130Call By Reference Node 3901Call Chain 1999Call Library Function Node 2062Call Parent Method 2354Cancel Button 21739Cancel Notification 9107Carriage Return Constant 23500Case Structure 2001Cast Unit Bases 1079Check Valve 3833Checkbox 3117Class Specifier Constant 2094Classic Radio Buttons 22003Clear Fixed-Point Overflow Status 5562Close File 1405Close File 1 8052Close Reference 8011Close Variable Connection 23783Cluster 3400Cluster 1 21607Cluster Constant 2071Cluster To Array 1169Code Interface Node 2050Coerce To Type 2402Color Box 3013Color Box Constant 2120Color Box Thin Border 2905Color Ramp 3022Combo Box 21604Combo Box 1 3304Combo Box Constant 2088Complex Conjugate 1048Complex To Polar 1045Complex To Re/Im 1044Compound Arithmetic 2200Compressor 3832Concatenate Strings 2040Conditional Disable Structure 2064Constructor Node 3904Control & Simulation Loop 2099Control Help Window 1353Control Online Help 1355Control Refnum 3419Convert Unit 2059Conveyer 3827Copy 1416Copy 1 8053Cosecant 1204Cosine 1201Cotangent 1205Create Folder 8055Create User Event 2073Current Processor ID 24131Current VI's Menubar 9000Current VI's Path 1426DAQmx Analog Trigger Source 3336DAQmx Analog Trigger Source 1 2119DAQmx Analog Trigger Source 2 21951DAQmx Analog Trigger Source 3 21774DAQmx Device Name 21773DAQmx Device Name 1 21950DAQmx Device Name 2 2093DAQmx Device Name 3 3318DAQmx Global Channel 3443DAQmx Global Channel 1 21770DAQmx Global Channel 2 21957DAQmx Global Channel 3 3430DAQmx Physical Channel 3335DAQmx Physical Channel 1 21954DAQmx Physical Channel 2 2118DAQmx Physical Channel 3 21777DAQmx Scale Name 21952DAQmx Scale Name 1 21775DAQmx Scale Name 2 3317DAQmx Scale Name 3 2116DAQmx Switch 21953DAQmx Switch 1 3337DAQmx Switch 2 2121DAQmx Switch 3 21776DAQmx Task Name 3442DAQmx Task Name 1 3434DAQmx Task Name 2 21959DAQmx Task Name 3 21778DAQmx Terminal 21955DAQmx Terminal 1 2117DAQmx Terminal 2 21781DAQmx Terminal 3 3319Data Cache Size 24132Data Log File Refnum 3402DataSocket Close 1085DataSocket Open 1084DataSocket Read 1086DataSocket Refnum 3417DataSocket Write 1087Date/Time To Seconds 1308Decimal Digit? 1119Decimal String To Number 1184Decimate 1D Array 2046DecomposeArray 2412DecomposeLockDataValRef 2406DecomposeVariant 2404Decrement 1058Default Directory 1427Delete 8056Delete 1 1417Delete Data Value Reference 2409Delete From Array 3912Delete Menu Items 9004Delete Variant Attribute 8206Delete Waveform Attribute 8209Deny Access 8057Dequeue Element 9113Destroy User Event 2075DevClear 1961DevClearList 1962Device Control/Status 1433Device Refnum 3405Diagram Disable Structure 2054Dial 3050Dial 1 21732Digital Data 3210Digital Data 1 21216Digital Waveform Graph 21718Digital Waveform Graph 1 3511Direct Variable Read 23785Direct Variable Write 23788Divide 1053Divide 1 3918Dlg CheckBox 21924Dlg Horiz Scrollbar 21905Dlg Numeric 2100Dlg Numeric 2 3006Dlg String 2110Dlg Vert Scrollbar 21906Down Arrow 3824Down Bow Valve 3707Down Bow Valve 1 21767Down Bow Valve 2 3807Down Rect Valve 21766Down Rect Valve 1 3706Down Rect Valve 2 3806Down Tee 3818Down Tee 1 3718EOF 1410Elementary Charge (C) 23517Empty Array? 23063Empty Path Constant 23523Empty String Constant 23503Empty String/Path? 1112Enable Menu Tracking 9002EnableLocal 1963EnableRemote 1964End of Line Constant 23525Enqueue Element 9111Enqueue Element At Opposite End 9129Enum 3023Enum 1 21605Enum Constant 2090Equal To 0? 1113Equal? 1102Error Ring Constant 2039Event Callback Refnum 3435Event Data Node 2102Event Structure 2052Exchanger 3828Exclusive Or 1063Exponential 1211Exponential (Arg) -1 1222Expression Node 2201FIFO Refnum 3474False Constant 2006Feedback Node, Feedback Node 1 2353FieldPoint IO Point 21784FieldPoint IO Point 1 3440FieldPoint IO Point 2 3439File Dialog 8058File Dialog 1 8081File Path Control 21730File Path Control 1 3203File Path Indicator 21731File Path Indicator 1 3204File/Directory Info 1413File/Directory Info 1 8082FindLstn 1965FindRQS 1966First Call? 1083Fixed-Point Overflow? 5565Fixed-Point to Integer Cast 5566Flat Box 3602Flat Circle 3605Flat Down Triangle 3623Flat Frame 3608Flat Left Triangle 3620Flat Right Triangle 3621Flat Round Button 3102Flat Rounded Box 3611Flat Sequence Structure 2069Flat Square Button 3103Flat Up Triangle 3622Flatten To String 1164Flatten To XML 8400Flattened String To Variant 8202Floating Point Equal? 23064Flush File 8059Flush File 1 1406Flush Queue 9114For Loop 2002Fork 2194Format Date/Time String 8100Format Into File 2083Format Into String 2081Format Value 1512Formula Node 2004Fract/Exp String To Number 1187Framed Color Box 21019Framed Color Box 1 3008Free Label 2321Furnace 3829GPIB Clear 1954GPIB Initialization 1957GPIB Misc 1956GPIB Read 1951GPIB Serial Poll 1955GPIB Status 1959GPIB Trigger 1953GPIB Wait 1958GPIB Write 1950Gauge 21009Gauge 1 3040Generate Front Panel Activity 1329Generate Occurrence 1700Generate User Event 2074Generate User-Defined Trace Event 2250Get Datalog Position 8061Get Date/Time In Seconds 1303Get Date/Time String 1600Get Drag Drop Data 9154Get File Position 8062Get File Size 8063Get Fixed-Point Components 11163Get Help Window Status 1354Get Matrix Diagonal 8501Get Matrix Elements 8502Get Menu Item Info 9005Get Menu Selection 9001Get Menu Short Cut Info 9007Get Notifier Status 9103Get Number of Records 8064Get Permissions 8065Get Queue Status 9110Get Submatrix 8503Get Type and Creator 8066Get Variant Attribute 8205Get Volume Info 8067Get Waveform Attribute 8208Get Waveform Components 2067Global Variable 2060Gravitational Constant (N m2/kg2) 23519Greater Or Equal To 0? 1114Greater Or Equal? 1103Greater Than 0? 1117Greater? 1110Handle Peek 1604Handle Poke 1605Hex Digit? 1123Hexadecimal String To Number 1185Hopper 21754Hopper 1 3072Horiz Line 3821Horiz Pipe 3710Horiz Pipe 1 3810Horizontal Button Box 3636Horizontal Fill Slide 3012Horizontal Fill Slide 1 21100Horizontal Graduated Bar 21106Horizontal Pointer Slide 21101Horizontal Pointer Slide 1 3011Horizontal Progress Bar 21102Horizontal Scrollbar 21110Horizontal Slide 3010Horizontal Slide Switch 3114Horizontal Smooth Box 3633Horizontal Splitter Bar 21861Horizontal Splitter Bar (Classic) 21863Horizontal Splitter Bar (System) 21865Horizontal Switch 3108Horizontal Tank 3071Horizontal Toggle Switch 3110Horizontal Toggle Switch 1 21700Hyperbolic Cosecant 23053Hyperbolic Cosine 1215Hyperbolic Cotangent 23055Hyperbolic Secant 23054Hyperbolic Sine 1214Hyperbolic Tangent 1216IMAQ Session 3415IP To String 1710IVI Delete Session 8103IVI Logical Name 3420IVI Logical Name 1 3414IVI Logical Name 2 21736IVI New Session 8102Implies 1080In Place Element Structure 2360In Range and Coerce 1127Include Fixed-Point Overflow Status 5564Increment 1057Index & Bundle Cluster Array 2056Index Array 2042Index String Array 1531Initialize Array 2053Inline C Node 2104Insert Into Array 3911Insert Menu Items 9003Integer to Fixed-Point Cast 5567Intensity Chart 21719Intensity Chart 1 3509Intensity Graph 21720Intensity Graph 1 3510Interleave 1D Arrays 2045Interpolate 1D Array 1905Inverse Cosecant 23050Inverse Cosine 1207Inverse Cotangent 23052Inverse Hyperbolic Cosecant 23056Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine 1218Inverse Hyperbolic Cotangent 23058Inverse Hyperbolic Secant 23057Inverse Hyperbolic Sine 1217Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent 1219Inverse Secant 23051Inverse Sine 1206Inverse Tangent 1208Inverse Tangent (2 Input) 1228Invoke Node 3900IrDA Close Connection 9144IrDA Create Listener 9140IrDA Discover 9141IrDA Network Connection Refnum 3450IrDA Open Connection 9142IrDA Read 9145IrDA Wait On Listener 9143IrDA Write 9146Join 2195Join Numbers 1171Junction 2197Knob 21000Knob 1 3005LED Button 3116LabVIEW Object 3457Label 21960Labeled Oblong Button 3125Labeled Rectangular Button 3124Labeled Round Button 3122Labeled Square Button 3123Leak Variant Value Reference 2410Left Arrow 3826Left Bow Valve 3701Left Bow Valve 1 3801Left Bow Valve 2 21761Left Down Elbow 3711Left Down Elbow 1 3811Left Pump 3713Left Pump 1 3813Left Rect Valve 3700Left Rect Valve 1 21760Left Rect Valve 2 3800Left Tee 3709Left Tee 1 3809Left Up Elbow 3808Left Up Elbow 1 3708Less Or Equal To 0? 1115Less Or Equal? 1104Less Than 0? 1118Less? 1111Lexical Class 1126Line Feed Constant 23501List Directory 1418List Folder 8083Listbox 21792Listbox 1 21806Listbox Symbol Ring Constant 2038Local Variable 2061Lock Range 1411Logarithm Base 10 1210Logarithm Base 2 1225Logarithm Base X 1224Logical Shift 1081Lossy Enqueue Element 9130Lowered Rounded Box 3638MATLAB script 9020Machine Epsilon 23528MakeAddr 1967Mantissa & Exponent 1150Match First String 1532Match Pattern 1535Match True/False String 1533MathScript Call By Reference Node 3906MathScript Node 2357Matrix Size 8507Max & Min 1108Menu Refnum 3413Menu Ring 3018Menu Ring 1 21600Menu-Popup Ring 3017Merge Signals 2350Meter 21008Meter 1 3030Mixed Signal Graph 21721Molar Gas Constant (J/(mol K)) 23522Motion Resource 21787Motion Resource 1 3448Motion Resource 2 3449Motor 3720Motor 1 3820Move 1415Move 1 8068Multi-Segment Pipe 23780Multicolumn Listbox 21799Multicolumn Listbox 1 21791Multiple Selection Listbox 3208Multiply 1052Multiply 1 3917Multiply Array Elements 1904Multirate Structure 2199Natural Logarithm 1209Natural Logarithm (Arg +1) 1221Natural Logarithm Base 23510Natural Logarithm Of 10 23513Natural Logarithm Of 2 23514Natural Logarithm Of Pi 23508Negate 1069Negative Infinity 23509New Data Value Reference 2408New Directory 1402New File 1404New VI 8014New VI Object 8015Not 1064Not A Number/Path/Refnum? 1128Not A Path Constant 23524Not And 1071Not Equal To 0? 1116Not Equal? 1105Not Exclusive Or 1073Not Or 1072Not a Refnum Constant 23526Not a Shared Variable 23527Notifier Refnum 3423Number To Boolean Array 1814Number To Decimal String 1180Number To Engineering String 1183Number To Exponential String 1505Number To Fractional String 1506Number To Hexadecimal String 1181Number To Octal String 1182Number of Cache Levels 24133Numeric Constant 2005Numeric Control 3000Numeric Control 1 21003Numeric Indicator 3001Numeric Indicator 1 21004OK Button 21738OLE Variant 3150Obtain Notifier 9101Obtain Queue 9108Occurrence Refnum 3406Octal Digit? 1129Octal String To Number 1186Old VISA Open 1921One Button Dialog 1340Open Application Reference 8012Open Device 1430Open File 1403Open Tank 21752Open Tank 1 3074Open VI Object Reference 8013Open VI Reference 8010Open Variable Connection 23779Open Variable Connection in Background 23791Open and Verify Variable Connection 23790Open/Create/Replace Datalog 8054Open/Create/Replace File 8050Or 1062Or Array Elements 1910PPoll 1969PPollConfig 1970PPollUnconfig 1971Package Matrix 23001PassControl 1968Path Constant 2009Path To String 1077Path Type 1421Path to Array of Strings 1423Pi 23504Pi Divided By 2 23506Pi Multiplied By 2 23505Pick Line 1510Pict Ring 21602Pict Ring 1 3015PixMap 3505PixMap (Do not touch it!!) 3507Planck's Constant (J/Hz) 23516Platform Flat Square Button 3134Plug-In Control 21820Polar To Complex 1047Polar To Re/Im 23061Positive Infinity 23515Power Of 10 1212Power Of 2 1223Power Of X 1213Preserve Run-Time Class 8018Pressure Tank 3075Pressure Tank 1 21753Preview Queue Element 9112Printable? 1124Property Node 1920Pulldown Menu Ring 3061Push Button 21001Queue Refnum 3424Quit LabVIEW 1352Quotient & Remainder 1056RT FIFO Create 24000RT FIFO Delete 24003RT FIFO Read 24001RT FIFO Write 24002Radio Buttons 22001Raised Box 3600Raised Box 1 3637Raised Circle 3603Raised Down Triangle 3615Raised Frame 3606Raised Left Triangle 3612Raised Right Triangle 3613Raised Rounded Box 3609Raised Up Triangle 3614Random Number (0-1) 1070RcvRespMsg 1972Re/Im To Complex 1046Re/Im To Polar 23060Read Datalog 8069Read Device 1432Read File 1407Read Variable 23781Read from Binary File 8051Read from Text File 8070ReadStatus 1973Receive 1974ReceiveSetup 1975Recessed Box 3601Recessed Circle 3604Recessed Down Triangle 3619Recessed Frame 3607Recessed Left Triangle 3616Recessed Menu Ring 3019Recessed Right Triangle 3617Recessed Rounded Box 3610Recessed Up Triangle 3618Reciprocal 1059Reciprocal Of Pi 23507Reciprocal Of e 23511RecomposeArray 2403RecomposeUnlockDataValRef 2407RecomposeVariant 2405Rectangular Stop Button 3128Refnum to Path 1424Refnum to Session 2306Region 2196Register Event Callback 2078Register For Events 2065Register Session 2319Release Notifier 9102Release Queue 9109Remove Fixed-Point Overflow Status 5563Replace Array Subset 3910Replace Substring 3913Request Deallocation 1610ResetSys 1976Reshape Array 2055Resize Matrix 8508Reverse 1D Array 1900Reverse String 1537Right Arrow 3825Right Bow Valve 21765Right Bow Valve 1 3705Right Bow Valve 2 3805Right Down Elbow 3817Right Down Elbow 1 3717Right Pump 3719Right Pump 1 3819Right Rect Valve 3804Right Rect Valve 1 3704Right Rect Valve 2 21764Right Tee 3715Right Tee 1 3815Right Up Elbow 3814Right Up Elbow 1 3714Ring Constant 2008Rocker 21002Rotary Feeder 3830Rotate 1082Rotate 1D Array 1906Rotate Left With Carry 1606Rotate Right With Carry 1607Rotate String 1536Round Button 3100Round LED 3120Round LED 1 21012Round Light 3104Round Push Button 3112Round Push Button 2 3118Round Radio Button 3106Round Stop Button 3127Round To Nearest 1055Round Toward +Infinity 1076Round Toward -Infinity 1075Rydberg Constant (1/m) 23521Scale By Power Of 2 1074Scan From File 2082Scan From String 2080Scan String For Tokens 8101Scan Value 1534Scanned Variable Read 23784Scanned Variable Write 23787Search 1D Array 1901Search and Replace String 3914Search/Split String 1538Secant 1203Seconds To Date/Time 1309Seek 1409Select 1516Send 1977Send Notification 9104SendCmds 1978SendDataBytes 1979SendIFC 1980SendLLO 1982SendList 1981SendSetup 1983Session to Refnum 2307Set Datalog Position 8072Set File Position 8073Set File Size 8074Set Matrix Diagonal 8504Set Matrix Elements 8505Set Menu Item Info 9006Set Number of Records 8075Set Occurrence 1702Set Permissions 8076Set Submatrix 8506Set Type and Creator 8077Set Variant Attribute 8204Set Waveform Attribute 8207SetRWLS 1984SetTimeOut 1985Shared Variable 23778Shared Variable Constant 3473Shared Variable Control 3472Shared Variable Control 1 21814Shared Variable to String 1831Sign 1049Simple Horizontal Slide 3003Simple Numeric 3029Simple Numeric 1 2900Simple String 2115Simple Vertical Slide 3002Sinc 1227Sine 1200Sine & Cosine 1220Size Handle 1603Slide Switch 21011Sort 1D Array 1120Sort Array of String, Sort Array of String 1 23065Speed Of Light In Vacuum (m/sec) 23518Split 1D Array 1908Split Button 21020Split Number 1170Split Signals 2351Spreadsheet String To Array 1539Square 23059Square Button 3101Square LED 3121Square LED 1 21013Square Light 3105Square Push Button 3113Square Push Button 2 3119Square Radio Button 3107Square Root 1060Stacked Sequence Structure 2000State 2198State Diagram 2051Static VI Reference 2084Stop 1350Stop Button 21230String Constant 2007String Control 3200String Control 1 21701String Indicator 3201String Indicator 1 21702String Length 1502String Subset 1503String To Byte Array 1608String To IP 1711String To Path 1078String to Shared Variable 1830Strip Path 1420SubPanel 21810SubPanel (Classic) 21811SubPanel (System) 21823Subtract 1051Subtract 1 3916Swap Bytes 1162Swap Values 2401Swap Vector Element 1912Swap Words 1163System Button 3130System Cancel Button 3131System Checkbox 3132System Chiseled Line 3632System Colored Rectangle 3625System Combo Box 21917System Enum 3062System Horizontal Pointer Slide 21902System Horizontal Progress Bar 21910System Horizontal Slide 21904System Label 21961System Listbox 21805System Mixed Checkbox 21333System Multicolumn Listbox 21798System Numeric 21919System Path Control 21922System Pict Ring 21925System Radio Button 3133System Radio Buttons 22002System Recessed Frame 3624System Ring 3060System Spin Control 21900System String 21920System Tab Control 3331System Table 21797System Time Stamp 21967System Tree 21794System Vertical Pointer Slide 21901System Vertical Progress Bar 21909System Vertical Slide 21903TCP Close Connection 1713TCP Create Listener 1717TCP Flattened Read 1718TCP Flattened Write 1719TCP Flex Read 1720TCP Flex Write 1721TCP Network Connection Refnum 3407TCP Open Connection 1715TCP Read 1716TCP Wait On Listener 1712TCP Write 1714TDMS Close 24113TDMS Defragment 24119TDMS File 3477TDMS Flush 24117TDMS Get Properties 24115TDMS List Contents 24116TDMS Open 24112TDMS Read 24111TDMS Refnum To File ID 24120TDMS Set Properties 24114TDMS Write 24110TDMS Write IP 24118Tab Constant 23502Tab Control 3330Tab Control 1 3332Table 21796Table 1 21790Tag Attribute Ring 2063Tangent 1202Tank 21006Tank 1 3020Temporary Directory 1435TestSRQ 1986TestSys 1987Text & Pict Ring 21603Text & Pict Ring 1 3016Text Button 21015Text Ring 21601Text Ring 1 3014Text to UTF-8 23066Thermometer 21007Thermometer 1 3021Thick Chiseled Line 3630Thick Line 3629Thick Line with Arrow 3631Thick Lowered Box 3635Thin Chiseled Line 3627Thin Line 3626Thin Line with Arrow 3628Threshold 1D Array 1909Tick Count (ms) 1300Time Stamp Constant 2068Time Stamp Control 21913Time Stamp Control 1 5555Time Stamp Indicator 21914Time Stamp Indicator 1 5556Timed Loop 5570Timed Sequence 5573To Byte Integer 1140To Double Precision Complex 1152To Double Precision Float 1147To Extended Precision Complex 1154To Extended Precision Float 1149To Fixed-Point 5561To Long Integer 1142To Lower Case 1189To More Generic Class 8017To More Specific Class 8016To OLE Variant 8002To Probe String 2413To Quad Integer 1155To Single Precision Complex 1151To Single Precision Float 1146To Time Stamp 5560To Unsigned Byte Integer 1143To Unsigned Long Integer 1145To Unsigned Quad Integer 1156To Unsigned Word Integer 1144To Upper Case 1188To Variant 8201To Word Integer 1141Traditional DAQ Channel 21733Traditional DAQ Channel 1 2085Traditional DAQ Channel 2 3320Transpose 1D Array 23068Transpose 2D Array 1902Transpose Matrix 8509Tree 21819Tree 1 21793Trigger 1988TriggerList 1989Two Button Dialog 1341Type Cast 1166Type and Creator 1434UDP Close 1726UDP Multicast Open 1727UDP Network Connection Refnum 3418UDP Open 1723UDP Read 1724UDP Write 1725UTF-8 to Text 23067Unbitpack from Array 3136Unbundle 2048Unbundle By Name 2058Unflatten From String 1165Unflatten From XML 8401Unleak Variant Value Reference 2411Unpackage Matrix 23000Unregister For Events 2076Unregister Session 2320Up Arrow 3823Up Bow Valve 3703Up Bow Valve 1 3803Up Bow Valve 2 21763Up Rect Valve 3702Up Rect Valve 1 21762Up Rect Valve 2 3802Up Tee 3712Up Tee 1 3812User Defined Refnum 3428User Defined Refnum Tag 21745User Defined Refnum Tag 1 3429User Defined Refnum Tag Constant 3426User Defined Refnum Tag Flatten 21747User Defined Refnum Tag Flatten 1 3454User Defined Tag 21749User Defined Tag 1 3329User Defined Tag Constant 2114User Item 3506VI Library 1425VI Refnum 3422VI Server Reference 2091VISA Assert Interrupt Signal 2309VISA Assert Trigger 1929VISA Assert Utility Signal 2310VISA Clear 1927VISA Close 1922VISA Disable Event 1940VISA Discard Events 1941VISA Enable Event 1942VISA Find Resource 1923VISA Flush I/O Buffer 2302VISA GPIB Command 2315VISA GPIB Control ATN 2316VISA GPIB Control REN 2304VISA GPIB Pass Control 2317VISA GPIB Send IFC 2318VISA In 16 1930VISA In 32 1944VISA In 64 2140VISA In 8 1936VISA Lock 1993VISA Map Address 1932VISA Map Trigger 2311VISA Memory Allocation 1997VISA Memory Allocation Ex 2146VISA Memory Free 1998VISA Move 2303VISA Move In 16 1948VISA Move In 32 1991VISA Move In 64 2144VISA Move In 8 1946VISA Move Out 16 1949VISA Move Out 32 1992VISA Move Out 64 2145VISA Move Out 8 1947VISA Open 2308VISA Out 16 1931VISA Out 32 1945VISA Out 64 2141VISA Out 8 1937VISA Peek 16 1934VISA Peek 32 1995VISA Peek 64 2142VISA Peek 8 1938VISA Poke 16 1935VISA Poke 32 1996VISA Poke 64 2143VISA Poke 8 1939VISA Read 1925VISA Read STB 1928VISA Read To File 2313VISA Refnum to Session 2300VISA Resource Name 3421VISA Set I/O Buffer Size 2301VISA Status Description 1924VISA USB Control In 2086VISA USB Control Out 2087VISA Unlock 1994VISA Unmap Address 1933VISA Unmap Trigger 2312VISA VXI Cmd or Query 2305VISA Wait on Event 1943VISA Write 1926VISA Write From File 2314VISA resource name 3409VISA resource name 1 21737Variable Class Specifier Constant 2106Variable Configuration 3475Variant 3310Variant To Data 8003Variant To Flattened String 8203Vert Line 3822Vert Pipe 3816Vert Pipe 1 3716Vert Rocker 21740Vertical Fill Slide 21014Vertical Fill Slide 1 3009Vertical Graduated Bar 21107Vertical Pointer Slide 21017Vertical Pointer Slide 1 3007Vertical Progress Bar 21104Vertical Scrollbar 21111Vertical Slide 3004Vertical Slide Switch 21741Vertical Slide Switch 1 3115Vertical Smooth Box 3634Vertical Splitter Bar 21860Vertical Splitter Bar (Classic) 21862Vertical Splitter Bar (System) 21864Vertical Switch 3109Vertical Toggle Switch 21005Vertical Toggle Switch 1 3111Volume Info 1414Wait (ms) 1302Wait For Activity 1722Wait For Front Panel Activity 1328Wait Until Next ms Multiple 1327Wait for GPIB RQS 1952Wait on Notification 9105Wait on Notification from Multiple 9106Wait on Notification from Multiple with Notifier History 9132Wait on Notification with Notifier History 9131Wait on Occurrence 1701WaitSRQ 1990Waveform Chart 21010Waveform Chart 1 3501Waveform Chart 2 21717Waveform Graph 21703Waveform Graph 1 3504While Loop 2003While Loop 1 2352White Space? 1125Write Datalog 8079Write Device 1431Write File 1408Write Variable 23782Write to Binary File 8078Write to Text File 8080XY Graph 21716XY Graph 1 3500Y-th Root of X 23062
  22. General expressions are as follows: If you want to bring it to your notation (which I find strange personally) think of point P as negated B
  23. An est quicquam similius insaniae an ira? Quam bene Ennius initium dixit insaniae.
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