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  1. finished three software projects in the last two weeks. Is it absolutely necessary to work >12 hours/day in order to finish something?

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    2. ShaunR


      God has granted me the sobriety to change the things I cannot accept.

      (Where have I heard that before...lol)

    3. Grampa_of_Oliva_n_Eden


      JC wrote "I'm not paid by the hour, but my boss says I can work all the overtime I want. :)


      That when I reply that "want implies desire and I have no desire to work overtime."

    4. jcarmody


      Shaun - you're right, and I am working toward making production processes more robust; I'm also training the operators & line-leads to be more self-sufficient.

      Ben - I desire to finish projects as that's how I'll keep (and advance in) my job. As my skills improve I'll finish more in less time. As it is, my four years of Test Engineering experience are being measured against my colleagues with over twenty years each.

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