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  1. Joe, your guess and feeling was the right one. We stopped the data logging application and now there is still one timestamp every 10 minutes. We will have a look by ethernet sniffer for the remaining instance. Thank you and have a nice weekend Manfred
  2. sorry - I have to correct the above I am using a timeout every 10 minutes = 10 * 60.000 ms = 600.000 ms
  3. Ton, yes correct - I am using a timeout every 60.000 ms. As we don't need the seconds in stamp we don't log them. I have atteched samples of the timestamps. Sometimes there is a difference of seconds?, sometimes of 5 minutes? and everything else. I think it has something to do how LV generates timeouts and how the application has been built. The application was built on a 32bit XP machine - now it may run under 64bit W7 machine. Manfred TimeStamps.txt
  4. Hi all, every 10 minutes we are logging data by a LabVIEW 8.2.1 application from a remote control in a 24/7 process. Timing is realized by a timeout in a event structure. This worked well for several years. Some months ago our IT moved the application and RunTimeEngine to a VMware machine. Since that time we have a second data logging within 10 minutes. As I am not familiar with VMware I have no clue what happens. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance Manfred
  5. Joe thx for your sugesstions, being short in time I had to build the cluster manually. Manfred
  6. I am a newbie to .NET We use a .NET DLL and have a public C# structure (public struct) which is defined in the .NET class. Is it possible to generate this structure automatically in LabVIEW?
  7. has not set their status

  8. thx for info there is a new release of Modbus library. In 2006 two errors have been reported to forums. 1. "The "MB Modbus Command to Data Unit.vi" has a mistake in it. The "Write Multiple Coils" Function Code will not work properly past 8 bits of data. In case "15", the index to the "Split Array" VI should just be 8. Either that or you could remove the shift register and use an index array instead. The current implementation however corrupts the output data past 8 bits." - Jim Gruenbacher - Feb 21, 2006 This seems to be fixed in current Version. 2. "The 'MB Registers Manager.VI' is used as the repository for the Slave registers. In the case of Write, however, the Start Address is not being taken into account (compare this with the Read cases to know what I mean). The Start Address defaults to 0, always! The fix is to wire-in the Start Address to the Index input of the Array Subset primitive. This alongwith the (already present) Length input should write to the correct set of registers, coils, etc." - Khalid - March 18, 2006 This has not been fixed by NI up to now and may cause trouble. :thumbdown:
  9. A snippet how to make use of LPT via OutPort.vi
  10. Some comments ... Integration is not a simple cumulation of values ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integral Hardware configuration is most important for a correct Dynamic Signal Acquistition - even if 10 Hz is not very dynamic. Please give us some more information about hardware : - Sensor (type, frequency range, sensitivity) - amplifier - hardware filter - DAQ board (type, coupling, sampling rate, number of samples) To answer questions about software filtering and further more we need information like : - Do you need just time domain or also frequency domain information? - Do you need phase information between axes? - Or do you just want to measure and calculate amplitude of 10 Hz displacement? - ??? Manfred Links relating acceleration -> displacement conversion acc to displhttp://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/4093 example acc to displhttp://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/2495
  11. Hi Gianmarco, some multimeters abuse handshake lines DTR and RTS to supply builtin opto couplers with power. To investigate this please Unplug Multimeter. Close LabVIEW and run the Mas-VIEW program. One way to verify states of lines is to measure voltage at pin4=DTR and pin7=RTS versus pin5=ground. Or investigate states of lines with MAX by opening VISA Test Panel of the Com-Port. Please report your results to the forum and we can give further help how to control handshake lines out of LabVIEW by a property node. Your Start.vi executes write and read in parallel. Modify like tcplomp did. ...pass the VISA-resource from one subvi into the next. Manfred
  12. Mat, process the checksum in a for loop like in attached snippet. Greetings Manfred Download File:post-831-1153377427.vi
  13. AI Read is a polymorphic VI that you can configure to output the waveform. Right click on AI Read and select type - waveform. good luck Manfred
  14. Sorry Henning, I fixed faulty VI and simplified it. Manfred Download File:post-831-1147336333.vi
  15. Henning, string manipulations are very time consuming. If you handle large files a byte conversion with ascending manipulation will save a lot of computing time. Manfred Download File:post-831-1147260271.vi
  16. malef

    HART protocol

    Please give us some more information about your setup: - model of HART interface? - type and model of transmitter/device you try to communnicate with? - can you check wiring and communication by a handheld HART communicator? - can you verify communication by sofware provided by manufacturer and HART modem? Application Guide on www.hartcomm.org may help to understand HART comm. Some more links: http://www.romilly.co.uk/booklet.htm http://www.analogservices.com/ http://www.cardiac.no/Download/HLLinkPRO_Datasheet.pdf I am working with ready to run software from the manufacturers and not familiar with HART internals. Just my :2cents: Manfred
  17. Didier and Rolf, many thanx for your replies. :worship: Setting the CLF path to ...\LabVIEW.exe and the function name to SetDefaultPrinter works in development environment of LV 5.1, but does not work in a built application as Rolf stated already. Behind the magic of SetDefaultPrinter CLF there should be a winapi call? As my coworker needs this functionalty in this really old LV version he will solve it. Never the less any more hints appreciated Manfred Download File:post-831-1144670212.vi
  18. Rolf, your PRINT_Set_Default_Printer.vi works fine with LV version > 7.1. Thank you. I tried to rebuild it for a LV 5.1.1 application on the same machine. Error list shows up
  19. or disable End text entry with Enter key in front panel options page. Manfred
  20. Joern, all you wanna do with the Tabs can be done in your LV version. See examples "Tab Control Properties.vi" :2cents: Manfred
  21. or use "Sort 2D Array.vi" from http://www.OpenG.org to sort all. Manfred Download File:post-831-1139473912.llb
  22. You can find a serial driver for Black Star 4503 at http://sine.ni.com/apps/we/niid_web_displa...034080020E74861 and at least a GPIB driver for Keithley 2410 at http://sine.ni.com/apps/we/niid_web_displa...rv_type=&p_int= :2cents: Manfred
  23. I fixed it partly and will report tomorrow EU-time It was my fault Manfred
  24. Using OpenG Message Queue library with Notifier I stumbled over a bug which had already been reported. http://forums.openg.org/viewtopic.php?t=75...t=message+queue I've done a quick and dirty fix. What will be the best way to fix it? Still there is one thing not explainable to me in my VIs. I would expect slave2 will always be on front of the queue. Any help appreciated Manfred LLB contains only modified OpenG VIs with modified names. You need OpenG Message Queue Library. Download File:post-831-1133272310.llb
  25. Jack, have a look at Front Panel Options Page. "Use localized decimal point
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