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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys, I need to deploy a startup.rtexe into my cRIO-9049 (from LabVIEW Project Explorer or CLI, whatever), and I need to use the ./nilvrt start and ./nilvrt stop commands to start and stop the RT App respectively, at will. I noted that it is mandatory to reboot the cRIO after deploying the .rtexe to use the ./nilvrt start and ./nilvrt stop. However, I must avoid rebooting the cRIO (because of my customer requirements). I was trying to find a setting for this, but the only file I found related to the startup.rtexe is the /etc/natinst/share/lvrt.conf file with the token RTTarget.LaunchAppAtBoot. This key is set to True when the Run As Startup option is selected from the LabVIEW Project Explorer. I put this key in False to check if this allows me to run the RT App without rebooting the cRIO, but this did not help 😔. Is there another config file to be modified in order to support what I need to do? Is it completely necessary to reboot the cRIO to recognize the new .rtexe and use the ./nilvrt start and ./nilvrt stop commands? Thanks!
  2. Hello. I need change some code for SbRIO-9626 with LabVIEW 2018. I have code from LabVIEW 2015. Right now I have only LabVIEW 2018. And I worked with it for SbRIO-9627. LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW Real-Time, NICRIO1800 driver istalled. And I install Xilinx ISE 11.5 Compilation Tool too. When I start compilation FPGA VI I got error about problem with compilation too (see attachment picture). Could you tell me how I can solve this problem? It is very important.
  3. Hello! I'm trying to use AMQP protocol to send data from a CRIO. I've tried using LabbitMQ and zeroMQ libraries, and when I test it from my computer (windows), it works with no problems. But when I try to put the code on CRIO, there's a lot of errors caused by broken wires. It looks like a .dll or .NET incompatibility. Is there any compatible library for CRIO or some clues about how to make it works?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm using a compactRIO and need to update the internal time of the device to be clock synchronized with my whole system. Everything seemed to work perfectly but when I try to apply an offset between 0 and -30 seconds, my compactRIO freeze. Nothing happen if I apply a positive offset or an offset "higher" (in a negative way) than -30 sec. The duration of the freeze equals the offset I apply on my device and after this delay, everything comes back to normal. The freeze affects all my RT code (other processus as well) and not only the VI where I use the "Set Time.vi". The FPGA seems to be working during the freeze time because I got "DMA is full" error after the freeze and some LEDs keep blinking during the whole time. Has any of you already noted something similar on compactRIO 9068 (Linux) ? Or do you have any idea of what is going on ? Thanks for you help. Nicolas Additionnal informations : - LabVIEW 2013 SP1 - NI RIO 14.0.1 - CompactRIO 9068 - Linux Embedded - LavBIEW Real-Time 13.0.1
  5. Some background: I'm trying to use the name of the library my VI is executing in as part of a string which will be used in the name of a Rendezvous, to keep it distinct from other Rendezvous I will create. When attempting to use the VI Property Node to access the Library property on the CompactRIO, error code 1 is returned. Running the same code on my computer runs as expected and returns the Library. Accessing the VI Name using the Property Node appears to work no problem on the RT, though. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem? I tried searching the documentation, but didn't turn up anything. Is this error part of some general behavior wherein some VI properties are not accessible when a VI is running on a real-time target? Code is attached. Please see attached pictures: Project Explorer: Block Diagram: Front Panel - RT Results: Front Panel - Computer Results: Experiment with VI Property Node Error.zip
  6. I would like to use programmatic access to manipulate shared variables on a computer and an NI cRIO 9033, but cannot get programmatic access to shared variables on the cRIO. I have boiled the situation down to a simple example to try to explain what I am seeing. The shared variables are hosted on the cRIO. I am using the same VI to perform the accesses on the computer and the cRIO. On the computer, access to the shared variable via a shared variable node and programmatic access both work. On the cRIO, access to the shared variable via a shared variable node is functional, but programmatic access to the shared variable does not work. The error code received when trying to to a Read Variable or Open Variable Connection on the cRIO to the shared variable is -1950678943. The error text reads "Timed out while attempting to open a connection to the variable." I'm quickly becoming confused as to why the cRIO should have trouble reading a shared variable programmatically that is hosted on itself. The web searches I have done haven't turned up such a simple scenario causing this error, so I'm wondering if I've stumbled into a beginner mistake. I have attached the source code to this post, so if someone could please take a look that would really help! Block Diagram: Result of running on computer (programmatic and shared variable node access both work): Result of running on NI cRIO 9033 (programmatic shared variable access does not work, shared variable node access does work): Test Access to Shared Variable from cRIO.zip
  7. Hello, everyone! I wanted to introduce the new MH-LCD-216, the very first cRIO display module. This is something that we know a lot of people have been asking for, so we are very excited to offer this new module to the LabVIEW community. We debuted the MH-LCD-216 at NI Week 2012 and the positive feedback was overwhelming. The website below has additional information and don't hesitate to give me a call or post here with any questions. MH-LCD-216 cRIO Display Module Happy compiling! Jpeg
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