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RSS info lost author info

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We upgraded the site and this got changed. I'll try to get the author info back.

You are correct that now only new topics are posted to the RSS. I'm trying this for a while. How do you like it? Isn't it better than getting the entire thread posted every time? No more RSS bombs.

I don't like it.

Now I have to go to the site to see what happened...

I used to easily browse throught the posts, in a visual easy environment, no colors text only

I would prefer two RSS feeds.

Michael for your convenience I added a poll.


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I vote for All (New) Posts. As most of us are well aware, until recently (in LAVA 2.0), anytime someone added a new post to the thread, all the posts for that thread were flagged again as new, instead of just the new post.

The new RSS posting method is difficult to track when a thread has a new posting because my RSS reader is set to only show new posts (after the first posting I am not aware of any new postings to the thread).


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Yeah - I'm not a fan of the new format at all:

  • I'd like to get the author info back (I already know that it's a LAVA thread - that's the feed I'm subscribed to), and I often read posts that are specifically from a particular group of members (this isn't a rule I can define ahead of time - it's something I do ad-hoc, and it's onle of the most valuable LAVA capabilities to me).
  • and I want to see all posts. Otherwise, I'm going to miss out on the replies from that group of users (see above).

The RSS feed is of little use to me in its current form.

Are we any closer to a decision on this? My productivity is skyrocketing, and, frankly, I'm quite disturbed by it.

I'm not sure that "skyrocketing" is the correct term for the change in your productivity around the office... :P

Seriously though, I'm the same. I've only visited LAVA a few times since the change, as it was new posts in my RSS feed that were driving me here.

Another issue: how do we draw people with the RSS feed to this discussion? All they've seen is the first post, which is about how the feed lost the author info. That alone shows that it's not working for us.

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