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2010 LAVA/OpenG NI-Week Bar-B-Q

Justin Goeres

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That's unrelated to NI Week. The stats won't be that specific, but it actually occurs more frequently on 6th street... tongue.gif

What on 6th Street? (I am guessing something spicy??)

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Typically I wear long pants & a short-sleeved shirt during the day, but I make sure to bring a light jacket or light pullover or something for if it's really cold in the convention center. At the

Where can you find cool beers, mesquite BBQ, and good times with all your friends from LAVA, OpenG, and the LabVIEW community at large? At the 2010 LAVA / OpenG NIWeek Bar-B-Q! This yearly tradition

I'm in! I just got my ticket. I can give a ride from the convention center to the BBQ to 4 people.

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Got StreetView?

I guess you'll find out in a month or so.

Yes, I tried and all I saw has a crow.

Can you be a bit more specific, it seems like a long street? blink.gif

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A crow? I admit some bars can be scary, but crows? It's way too hot for crows to stick around in August... wink.gif

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Are all the areas in red, the ones you have passed out it??? tongue.gif

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Are all the areas in red, the ones you have passed out it??? tongue.gif

Awww mate - 6th street is a blast - lot of booze and body shots (errr, so I hear... ;) ) The "busrting into flames" is a reference to a "flaming Dr. Pepper", a 6th street staple - mmmmmmmmmm...

Ticket purchased.

In that case, I guess I better buy a ticket too... :)

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Awww mate - 6th street is a blast - lot of booze and body shots (errr, so I hear... ;) )

Ha! No need for the cover up - I have seen photos of this in the LAVA repository

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I think I'm all signed up now. ( Hopefully my PayPal is still working )

Looks like a bit of a walk from my hotel. But I really enjoyed walking around Austin the last time I was there. Went down to watch the bats all fly out from under the bridge one night. That was pretty cool.

I'd suggest getting yourself some of that Neutrogena sunscreen with the Helioplex in it. Hopefully I can find the stuff down there, since I'm guessing that I won't be able to bring any with me on the flight due to restrictions and what not. But I just spent three days camping in basically an open field in the blazing sun, and I didn't even get a little sunburned.

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I'd love a ride to the BBQ, if anyone has room in their vehicle. Or to share a cab. This northern girl will melt in the heat if I have to walk too far in 110F weather.

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