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drawing a circle

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so i have build simulations about damping systems in labview just for fun... but now that i'm taking a signature wich needs me to use it i can't find what i'm doing wrong... this is a trouble with a circle... i just have to draw it, i was thinking about using the formula node and the circle ecuation with se center in the origin... but some how this does not work... have you ever draw a function you already know in a Graph XY with arrays for the X and the Y values...

Untitled 1.vi

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:thumbup1: I had that half way, closed LV by accident and didn't save.:frusty: That is when I realized that I am still way too sick and tired to be doing any logic when I see doubles. That is where my first post came from. Edited by SuperS_5
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i feel so ashamed of my logic right now... (in math, a circle is the constant function in polar coordinates)

perhaps in a polar graph... this cuold be even easier... anyway.... thaks to all of you... i'll finally keep this one for future references...


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I feel the need to highlight the absurdity of how Shaun answered this question within 4 hours... about a post that he made 10 years ago.

This community is amazing

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