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I don't think it matters much if Wikileaks broke the law. The ones that clearly broke the law are the ones that provided classified information to them. There's not much question on this point. If one agrees to protect the information as a condition of having access, I don't think that an individual can then just decide not to abide by the law/his contract/etc. If there's a real specific instance of wrongdoing, the I might see releasing that information to an attorney in confidence who could then build a case. Just anonymously dumping massive amounts of classified and sensitive data to Wikileaks is the action of a disgruntled coward.

Disgruntled? Perhaps. Coward? Not sure how you can make that leap.

I can honestly say I'm on both sides of the fence on this issue. What Wilileaks has been doing, to their credit, is doing the job the media is supposed to be doing but refuses to do.... On the other hand, I can see where the individual who discloses classified information is a disgruntled coward. But I don't see where this is the fault of Wikileaks.

Well put Paul! Kudos +1.

Sorry about the thread derail...:oops:

Moved to it's own thread :)

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There have been a couple of interesting threads where interesting thoughts were exchanged right up till the inverse of "Kring's Law" was invoked and the thread shut down and deleted...
I'm not sure if you talking about LAVA and/or other fourm(s), but rest assured that we try really hard to leave threads alone, especially those in the LAVA Lounge, where just about anything goes. There have been occasional moderator interventions, but they usually only come when a member contacts us and asks us to do so - and even then we make a judgement call on whether to step in or not. Even then we usually ask everyone on the thread to cool down for a while. It's very rare for us to lock a thread, and almost unheard of for us to delete a thread (unless it's spam, for example). If you think a post or thread of yours has been unfaily handled, please let us know - anything we delete remains in the moderator trash can for a period of time, and we'll review it for un-deletion. We're a group of people, so we might make a call that's wrong, and we're always open to taking a second look.
I sincerley hope I have not offened anyone and welcome any and all that would like to share their insight.

That's the spirit!

"the truth does not have an agenda."

Right - except that it's difficult to articulate a truth with with our inefficient communcation abilities, and even more difficult to perceive one communicated to us. In short, we spin, based on our own experiences, environment, and perceptions of those we're conveying to/from.

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Excercising the Identity principle and doing some substitutions means That would mean that "You wish that you were alright."

Touche! :star: But I don't think that works.

The substitution is only valid if the set of people who are alright is equal to the set of people who are from Australia. JG's comment doesn't say 'Australians are the only people who are alright.' It says, 'people from Australia are alright,' implying Australians are a fully contained subset of all the people who are alright.

According the premise, it's possible to be alright and not be Australian. But that doesn't satisfy my wish. My wish is to be Australian. Being alright is just a fortunate side effect of being Australian.


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I think it's already been said here, but my RSS wasn't working for a while and I missed this topic.

I like what Wikileaks is doing, but I understand that what they do will upset alot of people. But these people should not get upset at Wikileaks, who haven't broken any law (someone correct me if I'm wrong). And personally attacking Julian Assange is not the right thing to do either. In my opinion they should go after those that gave the information to Wikileaks (if they can determine who) and they should be mad at the organizations responsible for the wrong doing that is in the leaked information.

It seems too often that someone exposing a problem with the system is attacked, instead of those who caused the problem. The recent story about the Ipad AT&T security flaw comes to mind. Where those that found the data using a web browser alone, with no "hacking" involved are being charged. That story is a little more complicated because telling AT&T about a flaw, is different from finding the flaw then running it for 5 days to get all the data from it.

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