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Problem in Labview 8.6.1f1 custom enum decrement not attached to control if moved.


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I need to customize a modern enum in labview 8.6.1. I need to move the increment buttons to the right side of the enum. After moving them to the right side, the decrement button remains in the exact same spot when you resize the enum control, whereas the increment button does what it is supposed to do and moves in conjunction with the control. The problem also exists with the ring control. However, the numerical control functions correctly and both increment and decrement are tied together and move in conjunction with resizing the enum. Grouping is not available when modifying controls. Does anyone have a workaround or fix for this issue?



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That is the only place where you can go to break out the components and customize the control. I went to the tools menu and moved the increment and decrements over to the right side of the control. Once you go back into the edit mode and resize the control, the increment button will move along with the resizing as aspected, but the decrement button stays precisely where it was located in the tools mode (customize mode), regardless of how the control is resized.

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No, the grouping and ungrouping functions are disabled, only the bring forward..move back functions are available. I've tried to make sure that they are all on the same layer with no success. I've also tried to place the buttons inside the control frame, but that didn't work either.

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Thanks for your response. It does appear to be a real bug and I have given up on what I originally thought was a simple issue. You have indicated that it still exists in LV9 and I also posted this at ni forums with a response that it is still present in LV10 as well.

Thanks for confirming this for me.

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