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Error 1604 generated on "Set Cell Value"

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I ran into this error while developing the project I'm currently working on. I've isolated the cause of the error and I'm able to demonstrate it in a simple VI.


Basically, if I make a new selection on an enum or ring, while using the "set cell value" method on a table, error 1604 is generated.


I want to understand why this is happening and also be able to fix it.



test error 1604.vi

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I would say this is a bug, and a rather nasty one at that. Well done for isolating the cause! :thumbup1:


Back-saving to 2009 reveals that the method is "Set Cell Value (New)" which, of course, doesn't exist. Re-select "Set Cell Value" and the code runs as expected (i.e. works fine in 2009). If you then save the 2009 version and reload back into 2012 the node shows "Set Cell Value (Deprecated)" and, although it is a valid property, exhibits the same error. It seems that the method has been changed considerably between versions.


Another thing to note is that the enum never changes its value when selected (wire it to a boundary then stick a probe on it). However. If you set the VI to "Highlight Execution" then change the enum and turn off "Highlight Execution"; the value will change and the VI will proceed without error.

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I don't have LabView 2009 installed on my computer, so I can't test that out, but I will take your word for it.


So you think this is a LabView bug?? In that case, what is the proper channel to report it to NI?


I wonder if there is a work-around. There are other ways to update values in a table. Maybe I can use the "value" property node and just re-wrtie all the values. A pain, but I guess it would work.

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