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Digital Displays for Gauges and Clusters Gauges

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I am struggling to fix the number of decimal places for the digital displays of Labview Gauges. I did all the settings in the properties e.g number of decimal points, minimum and maximum values etc. However, I still see the analgue values (from 9205 module) going from 3 decimal places to 4 decimal places. Its typical with the gauges only. If I use a numeric control instead, this doesn't happen. However, for me its now too late to hide the digital displays and start adding seperate numeric controls. Most of the gauges are the cluster of few analog channels. And adding different numeric indicator gauges at this stage could be really bit dangerous as I might not meet the project deadline.

Is it possible to fix the number of decimals of these gauges. I am sure I am missing here something very simple.

Thanks for the help

Kind Regards


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I'm not sure what the "Display Format" setting for a gauge refers to, but it's definitely not the digital display. I played around with it a bit and reproduced what you're seeing: even with identical formats, a numeric indicator behaviors correctly (e.g., 4 digits of precisions, do not hide trailing zeros). That said, I can't think of a single time I've seriously used gauges, so I'm not terribly experienced with them.

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I do not remember if it was Gauges, but I remember a similar situation where I was able to change the display via a Property Node that I could not through the Property Dialog. Try Right-Clicking the digital display and Create Property Node -> Display Format -> Format. Pull down to get the Precision property in the same node. Set Format to '0' and Precision to whatever you want.

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Controls with multiple numeric displays have separate properties for each display. You can choose which display is configured in the properties dialog - in the top left corner of the page there should be a ring (which is way too easy to miss) which has all the displays owned by the control.

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