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Hello. The group I'm working for is trying to establish a way for different users to access and experiment with our OPC server. The server itself is a Rockwell Automation RSLinx Classic OEM, and we're trying to figure out how to restrict the access users can have with it. We'd like them to be able to read and write to the server, but not anything else.

I'm new to labVIEW, so I was wondering if there might be anything available here to limit access to the OPC server?


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We're looking into our traffic being brokered through labVIEW, to see if it could limit anything. My Supervisor believes that labVIEW has security protocols in place that might limit the amount of interaction with the OPC server.

I suppose another question along these lines is can LabVIEW access any part of the OPC server other than to write and read, and how?

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