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Build success but exe can not run due to some weird service?

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Anyone seen this before? Please explain what is in the red circle.

Im having a problem: webserver can not start after running my exe

After many builds I found that It is come down to one little vi that i used: Inverse matrix as shown in the attachments.

If i open this vi for the first time it shows: localhost as shown

then i close it, reopen the vi again and it is now changed to: my project/My Computer as shown

I dont understand, can you explain? This is the main cause of the error that i have as attached.

(i know this because if i remove this vi, my exe runs fine!)




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I haven't seen the "<W> Server: localhost" status before (I assume it's indicative of being loaded through the web server...), but the "EWP4ASTPST.lvproj/My Computer" indicates the project and target the VI is loaded under. The former is useful for ensuring that the VI is scoped to the correct project (logistical organization) and the latter is to ensure that the VI will be compiled for the correct target (other choices would be RT devices and probably WinCE/ARM/whatever other platforms LV supports).

However, I haven't messed with the web server at all, so I can't explain your symptoms. Did this just start happening? Easy, shot in the dark suggestions would be:

* restart the PC

* check <Program Files>\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2011\resource\webserver\logs for anything suspicious

* double check that web server doesn't have a screwy configuration for that VI

* do a repair on web server (if you can do just that component)

* ... or all of LabVIEW (if you can't)

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it's under My Computer.

It is a strange a problem. To solve this issue, after the build we went to the <application>.ini file and change the WebServer.Enable=False and it works.

Somehow this configuration is TRUE after the build.

I never have any real time target and such in all of my projects before.

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