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I have just passed the architect exam, and I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot from the posts on this site. Many thanks all.

A special thanks to the lava member FAB to came over to the UK from the US to do the advanced architectures course at NI and was by far the best lecturer that I have had there.


Thanks for the compliments, I am blushing :)

So, I guess I will see you at one of the CLA Summits next year?


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    • By Thomas Robertson
      We've are looking for a staff software engineer to join our company in Boston, MA (near downtown). We have a 3000+ vi application that has been in continuous development by multiple software engineers (currently 4 engineers + 1 intern) for 15 years. Every year we release a new version of the software with significant new features. An engineer with our company needs to be more than just a LabVIEW hacker. We need a software engineering that can go into our large application, modify it, sometimes in very fundamental ways, without breaking existing functionality, and have an eye for how their changes impact the maintainability, scalability, reliability, and readability of our code.
      Candidates will likely be LabVIEW Architects or have equivalent experience if they don't have formal certification. We lean towards candidates who have Masters Degrees in such fields as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. Interviews will be conducted over phone, web, and in person by a LabVIEW Architect and will need to be able to discuss topics such as the following:
      - coupling and cohesion in software design, how this relates to design paterns such as action engines
      - software lifecycle models
      - state machines, parallel loop architectures, race conditions, data structures, type definitions, Xcontrols,
      - Object Oriented design
      - importance of documentation, importance and use of source code control
      - pseudo code and its usefulness as a design tool, some exercises will require users to read and write pseudo code to solve classic computer science problems
      - tradeoffs of various file formats in terms of flexibility for future software changes
      - FFT, Frequency Response, Amplitude/phase, RMS level, dB, noise, averaging, distortion, loudness, A-weighting
      Formal job ad is below:
      To be considered for this position, please send resumé and cover letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate for this job (in Word or PDF format only) to jobs@listeninc.com. Please use the subject title Software Programmer.
      Programmer for Audio Test and Measurement software - Boston
      Listen, Inc. is the market leader in PC based electro-acoustic test and measurement systems for testing loudspeakers, microphones, telephones, audio electronics, hearing aids and other transducers. We have been in business for over 15 years and our continued growth has created an opportunity for a software engineer to join our programming team. This is an exciting opportunity to work on an industry leading electro-acoustic test and measurement system used by numerous Fortune 500 companies in the field of loudspeaker, microphone, headphone, telecommunications and audio electronic manufacturing.
      This position reports to the Software Manager. Duties include, but are not limited to:

      Programming in LabVIEW
      Designing and coding new Sound Measurement and Analysis software
      Improving, reviewing and de-bugging existing code
      Preparing internal and user technical documentation
      Testing code
      Interfacing with management, sales teams and customers to define tasks

      Required skills / education
      Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, physics, or similar subject
      Strong background (4+ years) in programming with 1+ years in LabVIEW.
      A methodical approach to coding, testing and documentation
      The ability to work well in a small team. A willingness to challenge and discuss your own and other people’s ideas.
      Experience in acoustic engineering is a plus. Relevant topics include FFT, Frequency Response, Amplitude/phase, RMS level, dB, noise, averaging, distortion, loudness, A-weighting

      About Listen
      Listen has been in business for over 15 years and our suite of PC & sound card audio test & measurement products is the accepted standard in many blue-chip companies worldwide. We offer the spirit and flexibility of a small company, combined with stability and an excellent externally managed benefits package which includes competitive salary, healthcare, paid vacation, retirement plan and more.
      Applicants must have authorization to work in the US. We are unable to assist with visa / work permit applications.
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