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Unable to upload files

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I’ve just found that I can’t upload files to the LAVA CR.  I was trying to submit a new JSON LabVIEW version and I kept getting a “This Upload Failed” error message.  See below:


Well, I was about to attach a png image to this post to show the error, but I couldn’t, as I have the same error when attaching files to posts  :angry:   


Anyone else have the same problem?


— James

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FYI my IT department blocked all my file uploads a while back, and I had to request special permission to be able to upload stuff to lavag.org.

Tried it from a totally different location on a different computer.  Same thing, same symptoms.


Could someone else have a go at trying to upload something to the CR?  You don’t have to actually complete the submission; just try and upload a file.

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