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Deleting a key containing values corrupts the installer build specification

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I found this bug in LV 2011 SP1 and it was reproduced in LV 2012 by an NI application engineer who filed CAR #385212 for it.


Basically, if an installer build specification has values under a key that you've created in the "Registry" section and that you delete the key without having deleted all the values before the build will fail.

The solution is either to recreate all the same keys and values and delete each value before deleting the keys or edit the lvproj file with a text editor to remove all the lines corresponding to the values and keys your want to get ride of.


The error I was getting when the build was failing was : 


*** Error: An internal tool or library returned an error. (Error code -21)
Error adding registry key:  Name: name_of_value
*** Error Details:
Error in MDF API function: _MDFBuildDevPart_AddRegKey
nmdkAddRegKey returned error code 26051
*** End Error Report

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Thank you for reporting this Antoine - this answered my problem and I got the installer build fixed!

I solved this the second way, went to the lvproj file. It may be helpful to know that the lines you must be looking for will contain some of these strings:

<Property Name="RegDest[0]

<Property Name="RegDestCount"

<Property Name="RegGroup[0]

<Property Name="RegGroupCount"

-- by deleting all the properties starting with these tags I was able to get a working installer build.

You want to take a backup of the project file first of course :thumbup1:

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