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Mouse X & Y Values - How to get them?

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Can someone example a VI for obtaining the current X & Y screen position in pixels for the mouse?


This is for a little widget I'd like to make to assist me in judging sizes of objects from a photograph. I'm going with LabVIEW instead of Perl, etc, just to save myself from having to mess with writing a GUI. So the idea would be this, In a photograph I know the size of one item and want to derive the approximate size of others by comparing their relative lengths (ignoring parallax) and just doing the trig.


I have that working already but only in combination with GIMP while eyeball reading and manually punching in each separate X & Y, which is a pain. By contrast I could do it in Perl, but then I'd have to write a GUI, which in Perl I've not done for years.

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