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Multi Panel Interface

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Both the link in the first post, and the link in your post download it just fine.  Are you sure you don't have some firewall, or IT policies preventing the download?

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I've never seen Jeremy's presentation, some neat stuff in there for sure.  Since my demo (and another one here involving Notepad, Video here), I have cleaned up the VIs a bit with some basics like set Parent/Child relationship, get relationship, move and preposition, get/set menubar, resize status, and title bar, and a few other style functions.  This hasn't been posted publicly but is pretty basic and pulled in from other examples on the forums.  A more updated and complete Windows API could be useful.

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In the video, we can see that we can remove tab but in the code that I successfully download since my last post I can't.

Is it due to a new version where some function have been deleted ?

Kind Regards,


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At what point in the video does a tab get removed?  I just watched it and no tab is removed.  I just downloaded the code and you are right that the Remove Tab doesn't work.  Not sure why, but I probably just forgot to implement that.

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