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How to set the network device on multi LAN system

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Hi Guys,


I'm back again.....

I'm developing a software which talks to many devices using the TCPIP connection. On the PC where the software will work there are two lan boards. One is used to talk with the instruments and the other one will be used for other porpouse. Both are needed.

Now the issue: using the TCPIP connection I have many problem on getting the connection to the devices. I don't have the same problem if I use the VISA. The only difference I can see between the two systems is that while I can choose the board where I want to open a connection on the VISA driver I can't do the same when open the coonection with the TCPIP. Do you know if there is a method to choose the LAN board to use before opening the connection on TCPIP?
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Make sure all the connections from one card don't use the same subnet as the connections being used from the other one and there is no router being used.

Subnet is the 3rd part of the ip. Ask your IT to help.

The rule is that if you use a router all connections should be through it and not p2p.

Try a ping and see if it goes through from each direction.

If the first ping doesn't go through or directed to the gateway or pings are blocked you'll start understanding what the problem is.

However, if possible, I would switch from using two Lans to using one Lan and a router.

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What do you mean?? 
The addresses of the instruments are set 10.0.0.XXX mode. Can this produce issues?
I have changed the subnetmask of a secondary LAN board and it seems it works well, but I'm not sure it was the problem.....
I would like to be able to address the LAN board such as I can do via VISA. Do you know if I can address the LAN board which I want use on the TCP/IP functions?
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