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Hey guys.  I've finally gotten motivation (and funding) to go get a CLA.  Any help or suggestions you have for preparing would be greatly appreciated.  I'm hoping to make it to the March summit.  I have read older posts, but I've also heard some news about changes to the test, so I decided to make a new post to hopefully capture more recent info.  Thanks for all the help you can provide and I'll hopefully see you guys in a few short weeks! (if not, I'll blame the higher-ups for not approving the trip instead of me crashing and burning on this test)

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Well to make a long story short it didn't happen.  


Some winter weather hit Oklahoma in the week in question and they needed me to drive to Dallas to take the exam since we don't have a rep in OK currently.  At this point, since there is no hope of me rescheduling in time for the summit, I plan to take it in a couple months when we have an OK rep and I don't waste 8 hours on the road.  I'm a little bummed because I was finally ready to take it, but I'll just hope to have it by NI Week and will watch the videos from the summit if they get uploaded again this year.

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Just a tiny bit more involved really! :yes:

One advice: rather than trying to implement real code, describe what needs to be done in text inside the various structures as much as possible. That will save you some time.

Absolutely, 100% agree. This is the most important advice you will get. As day-to-day developers it is so compelling to implement actual code; don't do it. Describe first, then if you have time you can go back and fill in as it permits.

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All of you who are going to do a CLA exam should ask your local NI office or NI Certification team if there are any online CLA Preparation sessions coming soon. Those will definitely help you to pass the exam. You will avoid the typical mistakes and get good tips & tricks. I have prepared personally lots of people to CLA exam and most of them have passed. I think the biggest problem, as Rolf pointed out, is the fact that people will code too much (we all love to code). It's good to practice some structures before the exam but do not directly copy the ones from the examples (for example the error handling). Just create your own way to solve those examples and practice those structures/VIs. Also remember what kind of grading system there is. Where all the points are coming? There are "easy" points and "not that easy" points :)


Style: 10 points <- Easy to get full points
Documentation: 20 points <- Easy to get full points
Requirements coverage: 30 points <- Easier to get full points
 Architecture development: 40 points <- Challenging to get full points

So DO NOT loose those ”easy” points ;-) You will need 70 points to pass. So create your architecture, clean, documented code and try to add most of the tags to the code by using documentation + some coding. You will not loose any points if your VIs are broken so do not spend any time to make them run. You can also write the documentation with your native language (might help those who does not have English a native language).


Good luck for all of you who will try to pass the CLA exam! 

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