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Anyone experiment with Omega load cell LCMFL?

Thang Nguyen

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I would like to ask if any have experiment with Omega load cell LCMFL series? By some reasons, I cannot get any response from the load cell. So I need help.

In my project I have a load cell LCMFL 20N connect with NI 9237 card. I set it up with full bridge (verify with customer service), internal, 5 V excitation. The scale is 10N 1mV/V. I cannot get any response from it.

Then I tried to connect it with a 5VDC power supply and use multimeter to measure but the response signal is not changed either. So I wonder if I do anything wrong with the wiring or not.



Thang Nguyen

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Hello Thang,


The documentation found here: http://www.omega.com/Pressure/pdf/LCMFL.pdf seems to indicate that these load cells require exitation voltage on the Red and Black wires.  This is typical of most load cells.


I can't say for sure why your app is not working.  Have a look at the following documentation and check your wiring.




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