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LV2010 Send SMS problem


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Hi all, I new on forum and on LabView.

I have some problem when send the sms to modem over rs232.

In my condition, send sms is weight greater then (box) ex. 50kg and mesured value is 60kg. I received sms that is 50,11kg , every time receive the value greater of condition is, this is only when put some weight on load cell.

Second case when the weight is present on load cell, then start the program the sms is around the final value.

I just want to receive sms, only the final value.

The problem is because the measured output iserted avtomatic in sms (format into string) no wait to stabilize the value.

I apologize for my bad English

Please help



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Take a look at the attached code. I have modified your code so that the initialize and shutdown portions are not executed on every iteration of the loop.Instead of acquiring one point of data , the VI measures 100 data points, scales and averages the result. I used the threshold VI to checks that the contents of the array exceed Weight Limit Threshold.

The assumption is we have a steady reading. You may need to modify this part of the code, but hopefully it gives you an idea of how to proceed.

Hope this helps.

koncna_vaga_edited by DC.vi

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There is a long-running thread over at NI with the user asking this question: http://forums.ni.com...ew/td-p/1793088

Thanks. I am not going to waste any more time on this. I don't mind doing someone a favor when sat in my hotel room watching TV, but this looks like it is ongoing.

Correction, it looks like it is turning into a marathon!

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