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Problem reading clusters names in empty array of clusters

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I've run into an interesting problem using the Open G variant library.  When trying to extract a list of cluster element names from a cluster in an empty array of clusters in a cluster itself, I get the following error from the Open G "Get Cluster Element Names VI":



Error 1 occurred at (Unexpected Datatype <<Null>>) Split Cluster TD__ogtk.vi in Get Cluster Elements TDs__ogtk.vi->Get Cluster Element Names__ogtk.vi->empty array of clusters problem.vi


An example VI showing the problem is attached.


At first I thought the problem was due to the fact the array is empty, but asking for cluster names of an empty array of clusters that is not in a larger cluster completes without error.


Any thoughts on the cause or solution to this problem?



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I've never used the OpenG Variant tools, but when I try to perform the comparable operation with the VariantDataType VIs (vi.libUtilityVariantDataType), it works fine.


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Darren, thanks for pointing out these VIs!  It appears that the problem with the OpenG VIs is in the "Array to Array of VData" conversion, this VI is attempting to convert an array contained in a single variant to an array of variants.  The method used, a NI "Variant to Data" VI without the type input wired doesn't seem to work when the array of clusters is empty.  Although, I'm not sure how I would do it any differently.  It would seem that this should be made into a bug report, if one doesn't already exist.




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